Current Date:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Satisfaction Prevails among Citizens of Kabkabeya Locality after Elimination of Negative Phenomena in Darfur

Kabkabeya - North Darfur- Citizens in Kabkabeya Locality of North Darfur State have expressed their pleasure over arrival of Rapid Support Forces (RSF) at the locality, saying that it imposed the rule of law and ended the phenomenon of outlaw groups and drugs and weapons trafficking.
A number of citizens, who spoke to Sudan Vision at Kabkabeya market, praised the efforts exerted by the RSF in ending negative phenomena that had been prevailing in the area before the entry of the forces, including crime of looting committed against the citizens through use of motorcycles.
The citizens have affirmed that they are now live in full security and stability thanks to the efforts of RSF, lauding the steps made by Governor of North Darfur State Abdul-Wahid Yusuf and the                                                                                   state’s security committee in this connection.
The Governor, addressing a mass rally in Kabkabeya town, affirmed that maintenance of security and stability is the responsibility of the state and the citizens should dedicate themselves for production, calling on the on the displaced citizens to return to their original areas, noting that they would be under the protection of RSF.
RSF Commander Lt. Gen. Mohammad Hamdan Humaidti, on his part, affirmed that his forces would clear the area from all negative phenomena and end outlawed gangs.
The RSF have achieved success in its mission of ending illegal migration and rebellion and it now engages the outlawed gangs, Humaidti noted, saying that now is the time for serious work to finalize the weapons collection operation, which has entered the stage of coercive collection.
Humaidti donated a sum of a million pounds as a contribution to construction of Kabkabeya’s sport stadium.