Current Date:

Friday, 18 May 2018

Hassabo Receives Head of UNAMID

Khartoum -Vice - President of the Republic and chairman of the higher committee for the collection of illegal weapons

, Hassabo Mohamed Abdul-Rahman, Thursday received in his office the Chairman of the UN and African Union Mission for Darfur (UNAMID), in presence of the Director of the Peace and Humanitarian Affairs Administration at the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Hassan Hamid.
Hassabo has appreciated the role being played by the UNAMID in Darfur.
He briefed the head of UNAMID on progress of the campaign for the collection of weapons and the great response it has received from the component of society as well as the accomplishments realized in the field in the voluntary collection stage.
The Head of UNAMID has affirmed his mission welcome to the weapons' collection campaign in Darfur, describing the collection of weapons as the strongest guarantee for the sustainability of peace, stability and security for the citizens.
He expressed the UNAMID readiness to cooperate and to coordinate efforts for boosting the campaign for the collection of weapons.