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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Directives for Offering Turks Visas at Khartoum Airport, Says Al Kurdufani

Khartoum: The new Sudanese Ambassador to Turkey , Dr. Yousif Al Kurdufani said a new directive was issued allowing Turkish citizens to enter Sudan via a visa  directly  from

Khartoum Airport and measures are now progressing towards  implementing reciprocal treatment of the Sudanese nationals travelling to Turkey.
He told Sudan Vision that these measures encourage businessmen and officials  in both countries to exchange visits and push these relations to the phase of partnership in different spheres.
He noted that there are clear directives to the effect of following up Turkish-Sudanese relations towards reaching the phase of partnership highlighting the role Ankara plays at the regional and international levels.
He said the Sudanese-Turkish relations are strong with legacy and strong ties stressing that despite these ties but the relations are below the aspiration of the two peoples
He said there is an opportunity for activating this partnership as Sudan is linked by 35 agreement of cooperation with Turkey in different spheres and a new Ambassador will  arrive  Khartoum in the dawn of next month
For his part, Turkish Ambassador to Khartoum Gamaluddin Aidan described   relations between Khartoum and Ankara as advanced in various fields, but said that despite this progress, it was not ambitious in the economic and trade fields, stressing that this requires serious work to push these relations
  He said that Al Kurdufani's choice as Sudan's ambassador to Turkey will play an active role in pushing bilateral relations to better fields. He continued during his term in the European administration of the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, following up the file of Sudanese-Turkish relations and being successful ambassadors.
 He said he would leave Sudan at the end of the month after the end of his term in Sudan, but  Al Kurdufani  and the new Turkish ambassador in Khartoum, which is expected to arrive early next month, will work together to develop these relations for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries.
  The Turkish ambassador to Khartoum Gamaluddin Aiden, organized a farewell party for the new Sudanese ambassador to Turkey at the Peace Hotel Rotana before leaving for his new duties in the presence of a large number of officials of the Foreign Ministry and the Turkish diplomatic mission in Khartoum