Current Date:

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Meeting Held in Kauda Between Al Hilu and Abdulwahid Groups

Khartoum: (smc) Leading Figures in north sector have disclosed  deals between Sudan People Liberation Movement North Sector led by Abdulaziz Alhilu and Sudan liberation Movement led by Abdulwahid Mohamed Nour towards forming a strategic alliance in the military and political aspect.
The leading figures who spoke on condition of anonymity have affirmed that Abdulwahid faction after losing all its regions is attempting to benefit from the potentials of Sudan People Liberation Movement North Sector to find a ground and pass  his agendas.
The said figures noted that committees which  were formed in this regards have started work in Kauda region and discussed  the possibility of opening a front in the Nuba mountain assigned with training and military qualifying and participating in the operations and how to distribute the spoils.