Current Date:

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

American Organization Hostile to Sudan Involved in Big Corruption Operations

Washington- (smc) An American newspaper has unveiled a scandal of huge corruption operations in the organization of Sudan Relief Fund in which the President of the organization and his family are implicated.
The newspaper highlighted his contribution by donating  funds from the account of the organization in addition to receiving undue  privileges.
A report published by Blue Virginia news paper has disclosed that the Head of the organization Neil Corkery  extended not less than 23 donations totaling 37 thousand US dollars to the rightist politicians and gay supporters noting that the head organization and his daughter has donated  thousands of Dollars last year to the Vice President of the Republic  Barbara Comstock who is affiliated to the extreme right.
The report outlined that the fund  offered the Vice President 1.1 million Dollars  in the year 2011 while  Corkery  company paid financial sums totaling 523 thousand US dollars in the years 2014 and 2015
It confirmed that the Fund participates with two  societies in raising donations to the extreme right  one of them is registered as a corrupt company in the state of Maryland State and the other one is owned  by the wife of the president of the organization  from which she earns 120 thousand Dollars annually.