Current Date:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

American Companies Express Desire to Construct Modern Silos in Sudan

Khartoum: the exclusive agent of the group of American companies in Sudan and the Middle East Dr. Mohamed Babiker

has announced consent of SCAFCOthe biggest American companies to construct silos across all the regions of Sudan following the decision of lifting economic sanction from Sudan.
He affirmed that an American company operating in the field grain silos has informed WAYIRA Technical Engineering company that they have immediately set out in introducing the most up to date and eminent technologies in the field of installing and manufacturing silos in Sudan noting that it is one of the most well established companies operating in many of the Arab and African countries.
He said in a press statement yesterday that the group of WAYIRA Technical Engineering Company and its partners of American companies operating in the field of agriculture and agricultural equipment are now ready to enter in agricultural projects with American finance and financing some other agricultural projects in Sudan.
Babiker praised the national diplomatic efforts and the efforts made by the executive and political organs in Sudan along with the efforts of the sister countries up to the lifting of the blockade in Sudan noting that this will open the door for the American companies and other companies from European and Arab countries to invest in Sudan.  

Mohammed Babiker pointed out that Sudan has entered the latest American technology in the field of purification of drinking water and agricultural irrigation from PURALYTICS Company
He said that the company has so far brought three types of modern water purification devices for individuals and residential groups and treatment of water for the irrigation of agricultural crops to avoid any pollution that can be caused by stagnant water On farms and agricultural products. Babiker explained that the technology is solar powered and can be used for more than 500 times and storage for seven years without affecting the effect of elimination of bacteria and fungi and pollution of water on all water sources, noting that the United States
The United States itself used the technique when hurricanes hit parts of the country as well as Britain and it is now spread in more than 85 countries around the world.
He added that the technology has been classified as one of the best technologies in the world, under which the manufacturer was nominated among the top 100 companies around the world.
He added that the World Health Organization (WHO) approved the addition of the University of Arizona and Harvard University, noting that the technology was now available in Sudan in three sizes, pointing to the approval of a number of US commercial banks to receive financial transfers from Sudan through the Agricultural Bank of Sudan.