Current Date:

Monday, 09 October 2017

Minister of Cabinet Presidency Affirms State Attention to Training

Khartoum: Minister of Cabinet Presidency Ahmed Saad Omer has affirmed while addressing the celebration of public service day the  state attention to training.

The celebration was organized by the General Secretariat of the Cabinet under the theme “ Training, Capacity Building For Knowledge , Tapping capacities and increasing production”
The Minister said transferring the experiment of the General Secretariat of the Cabinet to the states aims at developing executive and institutional performance stressing his Ministry’s keenness on qualifying personnel at all levels  towards realizing the aspired for target of promoting performance with high proficiency lauding the partners of training from the national organizations.
State Minister at the Cabinet Presidency Jamal Mahmoud highlighted  the breakthrough in  exercising governance by appointing  the Prime Minister in response to the decisions of the National dialogue noting that this experiment realized success throughout the last five months
He affirmed the Ministry’s commitment to according high attention to training  during the coming period towards upgrading the overall performance of the state in all utilities.
He further directed the Administration of Training and Human Resources Development at the General Secretariat of the Cabinet to prepare programs to all federal  and state  agencies of governance.