Current Date:

Monday, 09 October 2017

Workshop on the Protection of Children in Armed Conflict in Blue Nile State

Damazin - (Walid Ali) Mr. Othman Al-Amin Mohammed, Minister of Social Welfare in Blue Nile State and Professor Anam Al-Rabee, the President of Women and Children, Mr. Mahboob Taha, Assistant Coordinator of Popular Defense for Military Support, and Mrs. Nemat Adam Khalil, Secretary-General of the Child Welfare Council and a number of regular forces attended the opening session of the workshop on the protection of children in armed conflict. Organized by the Council of Child Welfare and UNICEF in cooperation with the Popular Defense Coordinator with the participation of princes and leaders of the Mujahideen. Addressing the opening session, the Minister of Social Welfare, the representative of the governor, Child protection in the state and its keenness and attention to children's issues, especially the focus of protection and commended Osman on the popular defense efforts and said they are responsible for the protection of children and Osman declared the state free of violations of children and renewed the commitment of the state government to conventions and treaties that concern children.
The Presidency of Women and Children in the spring of spring called on the families to take care of children and care with the need to activate the child law in the state and praised the initiative of the Popular Defense Coordinator to organize the workshop
Professor Nemat Adam Khalil, Secretary-General of the Child Welfare Council, gave a comprehensive briefing on the national plan adopted by the State to protect children and the steps that have been taken and referred to the directives of the Presidency of the Republic in this regard.
Legal adviser Lieutenant-Colonel Harkami confirmed the commitment of the armed forces and other regular forces after the recruitment of all under the age of 18 and cited a number of laws that prohibit the recruitment of children.
Mahboob Taha, Assistant Defense Coordinator, the Popular Defense Department, expressed their happiness at organizing the awareness workshop and their commitment to enforcing the outputs of the workshop.