Current Date:

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Peace Building Project Trains 2203 Beneficiaries on Microfinance Services

In the framework of capacity-building and awareness-raising of rural communities, the peace-building

and development project of the Ministry of Finance and Economic planning, supported  by the world  bank,  trained 526 beneficiaries and beneficiaries of displaced and economically active poor in the states of north, West and central Darfur and Blue Nile State This is in the area of microfinance and micro-enterprise management, with a view to linking them with the smaller microfinance institutions operating in the four states.
The training programme conducted over the past two weeks is aimed at absorbing small producers and owning modern skills to the art of micro-enterprise management. And acquaint them with how to study the market and learn about effective marketing methods and how to prepare the correct project feasibility study as well as identify the reasons Failure of small projects and success requirements, definition of successful project management properties of successful investor recipes, plus capacity upgrading beneficiaries in financial management and increased knowledge and connectivity of beneficiaries of microfinance sources that will improve living conditions For families to increase per capita income, contribute to increased production and productivity, and develop macroeconomics.
The training programme included eight training courses, held under the supervision and funding of the Peacebuilding and development project, with two training sessions in each state. The training included 100 displaced persons and displaced persons at Camp Abu Shouk al-Fasher, Northern Darfur State, 101 beneficiaries and beneficiaries both in the local squadron and supported by Western Darfur State and 149 in the community of Urumqi (Zalingei locality), Central Darfur State, while 176 were trained in the community of the Cliff and the East (local Al-Rawr). The proportion of women benefiting is 86% of the total number of participants in the training.
The participants in the courses, which had received much more than expected, called for the facilitation of funding by microfinance institutions and the introduction of opportunities for good loan in addition to increasing the dose of training by increasing workshops on micro-enterprise management and encouraging them to follow up and evaluate, while the departmental leaders called The eligibility of these communities, who have been keen on the participation of trainees, should take advantage of the opportunity of microfinance and ensure the payment of the premiums set appraisers the efforts made by the Peace building and development project to provide livelihoods, stability, peace and sustainable development.
Over the past year, the project has trained 29 trainers from the ministries involved in the provision of microfinance services in the States the seven projects in the five Darfur states, Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile are responsible for training the beneficiaries of microfinance services In their states.
The project facilitated the training of 2203 beneficiaries and beneficiaries of IDPs and the economically active poor during the year 2017 so that they could benefit from the microfinance services in their mandates to improve their living conditions.