Current Date:

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Launching of Comprehensive Social Safety Programme on Electronic System

Khartoum - Minister of Security and Social Development Mashair Al-Dawalab announced yesterday the launching of a comprehensive social safety programme to achieve social

justice and social balance which to address the poverty in the societies.
The Minister said  yesterday during the inauguration  of the 23rd  sessions  of the Community Development Council of Social Affairs Ministers of the  States, which  was participated by the State  Minister  of the Federal government and State  Minister  at the Ministry International cooperation, Guidance and Endowments; Minister of State Ibrahim Adam and chairman of the Social Affairs Committee of the Council, the national and undersecretary of the Ministry Dr. Ali Mohamed Khair and units and departments of the Ministry and a number of experts and specialists. She said the electronic system project depends on strengthening partnerships with all partners.
The Minister stated that the electronic system targets different social societies and emphasizing on introduction of all protection interventions of Social Affairs through a unified social register based on national indicators and covering all citizens to achieve social justice and covering a number of services using high-powered non-network technologies in some areas where there are no services.
The Minister announced the beginning of a comprehensive state survey of the extraction of criteria and indicators, which has already begun in River Nile State. He pointed out to the importance of raising awareness and using a variety of methods across all media.
The Minister also pointed out to the establishment of a high-level social safety coordination mechanism to combat poverty as the Ministry represents the spearhead in supporting different segments.
Al-Dawalab noted that the philosophy of the state was the holistic framework for the achievement of human dignity, social justice and the distribution of opportunities equal among people. It is to be noted that Islam laid the foundations for the equality of people and made the work of origin in earning a living, stressing the importance of work and making Opportunity.
Sudan is working with the world to reduce poverty by developing plans and programmes and adopting it for the sustainable development Agenda 2020-2030 at the level national and integrated into all programmes and plans. The first and second item on poverty reduction, combating hunger and food security, comes Adoption of the agenda as an extension of many of the previous commitments entered into by various State organs for poverty alleviation and social protection
State Minister at the Ministry of federal Governance, Major General Yahya Omran, praised the great role the Ministry of Social Security is playing in the community, noting that the realization of the question of poverty calls first to address the issue of problems.
State   Minister at the Ministry of Security and Social Development, Ibrahim Adam, stressed on the importance of the meeting so as to organize programmes, plans, initiatives, projects, calendars, following-up, monitoring, and the provisions of the coordination process between the centre and the States.