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Friday, 11 May 2018

Editorial: Egyptianization of Halayeb Fraudulently

Publishing of a new map on part of Egypt is not something random. On the contrary It is well calculated and studied tightly

; Egyptianization of Halayeb wrongly and daringly.
Actually, this behavior on part of Egypt hurriedly and wickedly, is not without a purpose; imposition of the policy of status quo practically which by all measures very futile and fruitless.
Sadly, the calls of Sudan unceasingly that Halayeb can be solved either amicably or through the resort to international arbitration, have just been ignored by Egypt carelessly. 
It should be noted that claims of Sudan over Halayeb are not just mere rhetoric that is not consolidated by material evidences. On the contrary; it has all the documents that testify that it is the only genuine owner. Not only has this, but even the well renowned and recognized international institutions, such as UN and the African Union, supported the position of Sudan as the sole owner of Halayeb exclusively. But, when it comes to Egypt, its stance is very shaky. It has not anything to present as defending itself with strongly.
Based on this, restoration of Halayeb becomes only a matter of time; sooner or later it will be returned back to the bosom of the motherland, Sudan, honorably.
Historically speaking, Sudan has never been noticed as harming its Northern neighbor, Egypt, at all, theoretically or  just practically. Because it knows very well that neighbors should not be humiliated, but rather honored vigorously. That Sudan and Egypt are born to be neighbors geographically and physically. And this situation is destined as continuing like this unlimitedly.
However, usurping of Halayeb wrongly has already resulted in the creation of a very hostile atmosphere whose price will be paid by Egypt dearly.  The international communities such as UN and the African Union have got the conviction that Egypt is the true wrongdoer clearly and utterly. Due to this, they will never abandon pressuring it mercilessly till it succumbs to the voice of wisdom by returning Halayeb to Sudan urgently; today before tomorrow, so to speak. May Allah, the Almighty, protect us from all kinds of evils overtly and covertly. Amen.

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