Few weeks ago Sudanese doctors went into strike protesting the lack of essential medical equipment and services provided by the government besides drawing the attention of the authorities on the recent continuous attacks by citizens against doctors when performing their duties.
It is the right of the doctors to protest to draw the attention of the authorities, but it is bad that some political parties, especially the leftists parties – attempted to turn the protests and partial strike into a political issue, because it clearly indicates that those parties are working to undermine the country.
It is good that the concerned authorities responded rapidly to the demands of the doctor through relinquishing the hospitals with the required materials, along with the direct interference of the presidency on the issue.
Now the strike is over and most of the demands of the doctors were responded to, so the concerned authorizes in all services’ institution should learn from the lesson and take all the necessary measures to avoid the repeat of doctors’ strike in other institutions.
As for the opportunist opposition leaders, our message to them is to put their houses in order first and end their personal disputes which resulted to the breakaway of a group of doctors from their parties after they discover that their leaders are just thinking of toppling the regime at whatever price.