The right way for Africa to go through after united their word and their stance is to call for rectification to international institutions

when these institutions fall short to realize its basic principles. The foundation of these institutions based on a very supreme objectives and noble goals but gradually by the passage of the time degenerated for the intervention of politicians and organizations who seek influence and dominant above some states thus these institution relegated to be claws for the elites who animated the thread behind the theatre most cast come from Africa in a replicated show and not a live streamed presentation.
Yes this institutions are places for justice as a buildings but truly rendered to be claws of a dragon we don’t know where and how many heads it has how small entities dare to defy sovereignty of states this misdemeanor and misconception must be changed and challenged by the whole world because this case may developed to jeopardize the coalescence of the world and their belong to its institutions. Why some states ready to uphold baseless allegations? And why some states stand by stander as witnesses they are members.  
Members of what? When you are a member you must have a word to say yet we don’t independent until we know how to represent our countries don’t sign any agreement or accede to any institutions and sit in rear seats be round table leader’s your courage behind you don’t sign to be chorus and chant only a mantra ( arrest ) or sign to complement the number and fetch to our continent obligations or rather plights don’t endorse prejudices upon yourself or upon your brothers and neighbors defend Africans justly not by bias we don’t deny justice unless it is denied. Africa became a place of experimentation we must not confront this institutions and seek substitute to it but to clean them up from those animators justice is penetrated by opportunists justice is justice whatever by Rome Statute or by our tribal laws we respect Roma statute and we respect ICC basic principles and its members and say to them justice is not a simple matter it need to a qualified fair righteous straight competent and responsible judges who go behind evidences not behind organizations and elites who pay to criminalize innocent people.
African leaders must convene to create mechanism to end casualties and brutal massacres and genocides happened periodically it is better self-treatment and put rebel movements under control with both oppositions and incumbent governments . every state in Africa accommodate rebel of another country without any adjustments Africa must united to make strong mechanism to put an end to aggressors who abuse the human rights abuse the governance because misgovern lead to rebellion and put an end to rebel without justifications and don’t allow any state to accommodate rebel but instead they can accommodate refugees Africa became target and prey for organizations to provide aids and other which poke the brands of rebellion and wars and sorry we adopt anything without thinking at last the hurricane circled above our roofs all together year after year all African states drink from the same cup of destructive chaos .