Current Date:

Sunday, 01 April 2018

British Envoy Affirms Exerting Efforts to Push Forward February Round of Talks

Khartoum – The Sudanese government has reiterated its commitment to continue the dialogue and negotiations with the SPLM-N to strike a deal for achieving political

settlements to end the suffering of the people in the SPLM-N controlled areas.
Presidential Aide and Head of the Sudanese delegation, Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud affirmed that participation of the government in the upcoming round of talks scheduled on the first week of February in Addis Ababa.
Mahmoud, who met yesterday the British Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Christopher Trot, said that Sudan in open to reach a solution on the two areas issue to serve the peace process especially on ceasefire and providing the humanitarian assistance according to the agreed on roadmap, after which comes the security arrangements.
For his part, the  Director of the European Department at the Foreign Ministry, Ambassador Khalid Musa said in press statement that the Presidential Aide affirmed Sudan’s commitment to the roadmap which was agreed along with its previous commitment in order to start from where the last round of talks last.
He added that the meeting discussed the peace process in Sudan besides the recent development,
The British Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, Christopher Trot expressed his country’s keenness to urge all parties to cooperate in good faith and ceasefire besides entering into the security arrangements.
He added that his visit came within the framework of supporting the peace process and the AUHIP efforts besides urging all te parties to make February round of talks a success.
He disclosed that he reviewed the roadmap which included the cessation of hostilities and providing the humanitarian assistance.
It is worth noting that the Humanitarian Aid Commissioner,  in charge of the humanitarian file in the said negotiations, Ahmed Mohamed Adam said that the delegation accepts these negotiations in a new phase based on the previous references of the road map and the draft of the previous agreement, expressing hope to that positive results will be achieved until comprehensive peace is achieved in Sudan, calling on the movement to complete the signing of the agreement after the government announced its approval of the US initiative as a third party to deliver aid to overcome all previous differences, stressing that the government will not be subjected to any pressure on the refusal to transfer humanitarian aid from outside the Sudan, stressing that Sudan has not and will not agree to the entry of direct assistance from outside the borders of the Sudan to the SPLM-N areas.
With regard to the voluntary return of IDPs and refugees, Adam said that after the success of arms collection operation, the country witnessed a massive voluntary return of displaced persons from the camps to their villages and refugees from outside Sudan's borders, where about 367,000 people returned in 2017 and there is a voluntary return in a number of states of  Darfur, stressing that this is a good indicator and that the stability in Darfur is proceeding at a steady pace and that citizens have reassured and their villages have become safe, stressing that the challenge before the state is to provide basic services to citizens there.