Khartoum- Governor of Gedarif State Engineer Mirgani Salih Sidahmed has affirmed the deep-rooted Sudanese Ethiopian relations particularly the relations linking Gedarif with

the two borderline regions of Alamehra and Tigray regions.
The governor has renewed while meeting in his office yesterday Ambassador Alamayo Swaging , the consul at the Ethiopian Consulate in Gedarif , the state  government keenness  on developing relations and making borders regions for exchanging common benefits. He noted that the implementing of the free zone in Galabat will be soon which will serve the two sides after signing the contract of implementation with the Sudanese company for Regions and Free Zones along with establishing the border cross-point , maintaining the continental road and completing electricity connection between the two sides.
The governor has called laying down the border marks on the borderline stressing dealing sternly with some agencies attempting to destabilize   security and stability of the border and the expansive relations, asserting implementation of all the protocols and agreements signed by the two sides.
Ambassador Almayo the Ethiopian consul in Gedarif has affirmed the keenness of the Ethiopian side on developing relations making them a model as well as enhancing cooperation in different spheres highlighting the keenness of he leaderships of the two countries to push ahead relations to prospects of development and stability.