Now, and after a very long period of silence, Abdul Wahid Al-Nur, a Darfurian opposition leader, speaks up.  He has come back again to the surface

to just jump on the same wagon of Amnesty International (AI), that Sudan has been using chemical weapons against its own people, especially in the region of Darfur.
 Actually, this situation is not without an irony. This Abdul Wahid has spent almost all of his life staying abroad; in five star hotels in Europe, just enjoying all kinds of luxuries there.  If this is the case and it is, then how is he in a position to verify that Sudan possesses such weapons?
Needless to say, what AI has been claiming and being echoed by Abdul Wahid, are mere fabrications that lack any sort of empirical evidences. But, the truth to falsify all the aforementioned is revealed by the UNAMID which goes like this;  that none of its forces whose number amounts to 20,000 persons, a combination of both soldiers and civilians, has perceived  any physical presence of chemical weapons in the territories of Darfur. That none of their offices and medical units which are widely scattered there, happen to report cases as such. And that even the armed rebel movements, that are presently existent in the area of Darfur, do not talk or confirm anything about this subject matter.
Because the UNAMID is assigned the job of letting peace dominating all Darfur geographically, its testimony in any subject matter relating to the region, be it chemical weapons and none, should be attentively listened to and recognized by all levels, locally and globally. It is the international community that imposes this UNAMID forcibly on Sudan and therefore, it is very logical that they should hear any kind of witness it says.
Because of unlimited confidence on part of the Sudanese government that the region of Darfur is wholly void of any presence of chemical weapons, it has been noticed as never ceasing to extend invitations to all the concerned quarters to just come by themselves and check such alegations by AI and its echoers, Abdul Wahid.
In conclusion, we can say this; what AI and its echoers say that Sudan uses chemical weapons to kill its own people, is not something that is quite convincing to them in the first place, let alone the others.