The US Administration the National Emergency with respect to Sudan is to continue in effect beyond November 3, 2016,

and the expansion of that emergency in Executive Order 13412 of October 13, 2006, has not been resolved.
According to the US Administration these actions and policies continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. Therefore, President Obama has determined that it is necessary to continue the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13067 with respect to Sudan.
However that renewal of the US sanctions against Sudan for another year is based on the allegation that Sudan is still representing an extraordinary threat to the US national security.
The above decision contradicts with the statement issued by the US Administration in which the Secretary of State recognized the vital role of Sudan in regard to anti-terrorism international activities in the region and the whole area.
The statement of the Secretary of State also affirmed that the unilateral sanctions imposed on Sudan represent violation to human rights to the extent that the UN has assigned a special rapporteur who in turn issued several statements which show the negative impacts of those sanctions on the Sudanese people.
It goes without saying that the renewal of the US sanctions on Sudan is expected from the outgoing US Administration, simply because it is a matter of days for Obama to leave the Oval Office, so no need to make any radical resolution even if it is a corrective action.
Notwithstanding the US Administration decision, Sudan, as a member in the international family, will continue its efforts and coordination in anti-terrorism activities besides the activities of curbing the illegal migration and human trafficking which the whole world is suffering.
The response of the Sudanese government should not be just lambasting the US Administration for renewing the sanctions; but it should be practical in its response through implementation of the National Dialogue outcomes which will lead to the required stability in the country, and at the same time review all the possible alternatives to reduce the impact of those sanctions.
The government should continue its ongoing diplomatic efforts with the international community and also continue its negotiations with the US Administration to ease the sanctions through stressing on the impact of those sanctions on the citizens of the country and not the incumbent regime.