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Tuesday 20th November 2018 | 11-19-2018


Native Administration Charter in South Kordofan Closes the Door to the SPLM

Popular Initiative for Peaceful Coexistence and Development

About 30 years after the outbreak of the rebellion in South Kordofan State, the signs of development are finding their way into various areas of the state and the desires of the citizens of South Kord..

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Sudanese- US Dialogue and the Requirements to Remove Sudan from Terrorism List

Sudanese- US relations entered a new phase represented into continuation of the second phase of the Sudanese-US dialogue, and the removing Sudan ‘name from terrorism sponsor list. The current visit of..

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S. Sudan Army, SPLA-IO Agree to Allow Humanitarian Access

JUBA - Officials from the South Sudanese government army, SSPDF, and the main opposition army, SPLA-IO, agreed to allow humanitarian access and free movement of people around Juba. Upon the instructi..

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Sudanese Press Charter of Ethics

Following is the text of the Sudanese Press Charter Of Ethics which was signed on Thursday at the National Assembly (the parliament): -* Guided by the provisions of the Interim Constitution that stip..

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Sudanese Authorities Vow to pursue Sudanese Armed Groups Fighting with Haftar

The Commander of the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces, Lieutenant General Mohamed Humaidati, has vowed to go after the mercenaries of the Sudanese opposition armed movements in Libya and prevent them fr..

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Seminar on Learning New Language and Stress Related Cases Organized by the Italian..

The fourth and final event of the Italian language national week took place in Al Faisal Center in 31th of October, in the presence of H.E. Fabrizio Lobasso Ambassador of Italy in Sudan , Dr. Shams Al..

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Celebrating Peace, Unity, and Prosperity for South Sudan

Amid huge presence of South Sudanese citizens in Juba, South Sudan government celebrated Peace Day on October 31st, 2018, with the participation of the Ethiopian President Sahlework Zewde, Somalia’s P..

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More than 1800 Citizens Benefit from Health Convoy at Wad Shalaie Area

Khartoum-The Higher Committee for Development of Wad Shalaie Area in Gitaina Locality, White Nile State, has organized a medical convoy to the area comprising 25 medical and health cadres covering a n..

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Mama Africa Seeks to Transform Refugees into Producers and Reduce Negative Practices

Khartoum - Mama Africa Volunteer has embarked on training trainees to deal with refugees, migrants, displaced persons and displaced persons in cooperation with the Sudanese Refugee Authority. The hea..

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Wad Shalaie Physicians .. Affiliation to Home Villages

Khartoum – As a sign of appreciation to their home village, the graduates of medicine colleges of Wad Shalaie area in Gitaina Locality, White Nile State, decided to send a medical convoy to the area a..

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Mashair Launches Italian Language Week Sunday at University of Khartoum

Khartoum-Minister of General Education Mashair Al-Dawalab launches next Sunday at the University of Khartoum the Italian Language Week in the World, which is organized by the Italian Embassy in Sudan ..

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US$ 21 Million to Enforce Projects for Communities Hosting Refugees in White Nile State

Khartoum -The Commissioner of Refugees (COR) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have signed an agreement to support the refugee communities in the White Nile State with a value of $ 21..

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The Changing Nature of Work (1): Work is constantly reshaped by technological progress

The World Development Report (WDR) 2019: The Changing Nature of Work studies how the nature of work is changing as a result of advances in technology today. Fears that robots will take away jobs from ..

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UNFPA Organized a Workshop on “The Midwifery Gap Analysis in Sudan”

Khartoum, Sudan – The Federal Ministry of Health and United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organized a workshop on “The Midwifery Gap Analysis in Sudan”, with the technical support from the Internati..

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Khartoum and Washington: Rise in the Ceiling of Joint Security and Military Cooperation

There is no doubt that Sudan has restored its role as an influential country in the region. This has become clear through its role in combating of phenomena that have great effects on the regional and..

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Zero Hunger: Our Actions Today Are Our Future Tomorrow

Just three years ago, in September 2015, all United Nations Member States approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The eradication of hunger and all forms of malnutrition (Sustainable Dev..

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How to Buy a Gun in 15 Countries

The Clean Power Plan was aimed mainly at reducing carbon dioxide, the principal global warming gas, from coal-fired power plants. But like the mercury rule, it would also, as a collateral benefit, hav..

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Government of Prime Minister Musa Opts for Agriculture to Boost National Economy

National Prime Minister Mutaz Musa led members of his government last Sunday morning heading towards Gezira State on board passenger buses for the first cabinet meeting outside the national capital of..

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Translation of Address Given by President Al-Bashir before National Legislature on..

Khartoum - Hereunder is an unofficial translation of the address given by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, at outset of eighth session of the National Legislature on Monday..

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Academic Cooperation between UMST and the University of Milan

1st Edition of the Global MBA in Impact Entrepreneurship in Sudan*Kicks-off

ALTIS, the graduate School of business and Society of the Catholic University of Milan, UMST the University of Medical Sciences and Technology and the E4Impact Foundation with the support of the Itali..

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