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Saturday 19th January 2019 | 01-17-2019


Preparations Completed for International Fair of Khartoum Kick-off

International exhibition Khartoum (IFK) is a universal and multi-sector trade fair for capital goods and consumer goods. It realizes the preparation and implementation of official German participation..

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Electronic Accreditation Authority Role in Securing Electronic Transactions

The telecommunication market is nowadays highly dependent on digital services via using mobile telephone in the service of electronic authorization which enable the spread of authentic electronic tr..

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Report on the Aftermath of Atbara Protests

Atbara – Starting his business trip to Atbara, Sudan Vision Editor-in-Chief met with the Director of Police Emergency and Operations Directorate, Brigadier Mohammed Said Mohammed El-Awad who briefed ..

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Peace, Support and Reform Rally

Khartoum- The green square has seen a rally by thousands of citizens and political forces expressing their opinion, their political stance and their belief that the homeland is above the personal inte..

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NCP Leaderships Congratulate Coptic Churches on the Occasion of Christmas

Khartoum-The Social Secretariat of the National Congress Party (NCP) has continued its social program of extending congratulations to the Coptic churches and Coptic personalities in the Sudan on the o..

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African Justice Transitional Forum in Khartoum : Commend Sudan Achievement

Strengthening Transitional Justice by focus on sustainable positive peace and implementing a comprehensive participatory transitional justice was the goals of the Second Transitional justice Forum in..

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The Role of Sudan in Securing Oilseed Crops for the World

Khartoum-The Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the National Exporters Chamber are exerting great efforts for upgrading Sudanese exports especially oilseeds. These efforts include holding of regul..

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Sudan Stands Out as the Only Northern African Country to Reform Its Family Law

Workshop on Advocating and Supporting Amendments to the Personal Status Act of 1991..

The Ministry of Security and Social Development, in coordination with the National Council for Child Welfare (NCCW) in cooperation with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), organized a workshop..

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Yellow vests … Demonstration in Paris, Mercenaries and Traitors in Khartoum

Is it a political or economic crisis or both ? a question whose answer leads to resolving the tension between the government and the people across the country . The demand of protesters started and t..

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Address Given by President of the Republic on 63rd Independence Anniversary

Khartoum – Hereunder Sudan News Agency publishes the official translation of the speech given by the President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, for the Sudanese people on the occasion of..

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In Memory of Former Premier and Foreign Minister, Mahjoub: The Boss

KHARTOUM - As the anniversary of Sudan’s Independence Day draws closer, the nation remembers one of the outstanding makers of this independence: Former Premier and Foreign Minister Mohammad Ahmad Majo..

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Man Refuses to Pay Blood Money When Alive, Fatefully Pays It After His Death

KHARTOUM - This is a strange story of changing fates and fortunes. It is demonstrable of the common wisdom that “if one sows seeds of evil, he is sure to harvest nothing but evil.” As related to Suda..

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Elaboration on the Eight Major Initiatives of the FOCAC Beijing Summit (3-3)

Capacity Building Activities: China decides to strengthen exchanges of development experience with Africa and support cooperation in economic and social development; establish ten Luban Workshops to..

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NISS Arrest SLA (Abdulwahid) Subversive Cell

Khartoum – National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) managed to arrest a subversive cell belonging to SLM (Abdulwahid). The investigations with the cell members revealed plans to attack and lo..

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Elaboration on the Eight Major Initiatives of the FOCAC Beijing Summit (2)

Deepen Financial Cooperation: Financial support is a critical guarantee for China-Africa industrial cooperation. China encourages and supports deeper cooperation and improved network building betwee..

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CIRC Secretary-General: The Religious Coexistence in Sudan is a Great Blessing which must be preserved to our Safety, Security and the Future of Sudan

The Reality of Sustainable Religious Freedom in Sudan

Introduction: Sudan Inter-Religious Council (SIRC) is an independent non-profit NGO that came into being as a result of co-operation among the Council of the International People's Friendship, Sudan ..

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Al Ayam Centre Workshop: Roadmap for Social Justice

Al Ayam Centre for Cultural and Development Studies in cooperation with Fredrick Ebert Foundation have organized during the last two years in cooperation with the Fredrich Ebert Foundation more than s..

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State of the Environment in Sudan

Sudan is facing a wide range of environmental, social and natural resource challenges such as deforestation, land degradation, loss of biodiversity and habitat, pollution of air, land, and water, conf..

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UN Secretary-General Report on S. Sudan

UN Secretary-General Report on South Sudan covering the period 2 Sept. to 30 Nov.2018 has focused on many issues that deserve study. Political developments Following continued extensive engagement b..

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Solar Power Brings Water to S. Sudan Neighborhood

At least 5,000 residents in and around the South Sudanese capital now have access to clean drinking water after the opening of a U.S.-funded, solar-powered water distribution system in the area. Spe..

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