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Tuesday 20th November 2018 | 11-19-2018


New Google Partnership Will Help Grow Black Businesses Around World

Google and*the National Business League, the country's*oldest trade association for black businesses,*will announce a partnership Monday in Detroit aimed at accelerating the growth of black business a..

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Facebook Put Profits above Care for Liberal Democracy

Facebook has 2.27 billion users, nearly 1b more people than there are in China. Perhaps that's why the company has consistently acted as though it was above government. A New York Times investigation..

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Cape Town Grapples with Rising Homelessness as Economy Flags

A stream of homeless people wends its way to a fenced-off stretch of tarmac under a bridge in Cape Town's Foreshore district around sunset to bed down on rows of wooden pallets beneath sheet-metal she..

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Businesses to Bear Cost of Migrant Pay Increase

Increases in migrant worker pay could exacerbate labour shortages at a time when unemployment is historically low, according to an immigration lawyer. Immigration New Zealand has hiked the minimum ho..

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Qatar First in Mena to Join World Bank-partnered GFF

Qatar is the first Middle East and North Africa (Mena) country to join the World Bank-partnered Global Financing Facility, a senior official has said. “A contribution will guarantee the State of Qat..

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Trump's Economy: GDP Growth Could Be Slipping Away

President Trump and the Republican’s passed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017” almost a year ago with the objective of getting the U.S. economy’s growth to a higher level and increase job growth (whi..

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Oil Prices, Foreign Fund Flows to Set Course of Equity Indices

Fluctuation in crude oil prices coupled with the direction of foreign fund flows are likely to chart the course of major domestic equity indices next week. Fluctuation in crude oil prices coupled wi..

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Counting the Contribution of Hunting to South Africa's Economy

The hunting of wild animals is an emotive issue, drawing fire from anti-hunting organisations, environmentalists as well as many ordinary citizens. But it also has its supporters, some of whom argue t..

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Cyber-attacks, weak government, and energy shocks pose biggest risks to firms, WEF finds

* Executives in advanced economies see cyber-attacks as the biggest threat to doing business, a World Economic Forum study has revealed. Energy prices were also a concern for many, particularly in th..

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These are the skills to learn for the future of work, according to the World Economic..

When we talk about the future of work, we often talk about job titles as a proxy for where the economy is heading. Machinists and truck drivers are out, robotics programmers and project managers are i..

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By the End of This Year, All the Financial Transactions Will Be Electronically Oriented

Recently, and at the premises of Al Ray Al'am Arabic daily, a symposium titled,' the banking cheque; solution or problem', was held there. The symposium was attended by a large audience and addresse..

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MTN Announces Partnership to Launch First Smart Feature Phone in Africa

MTN Group today announced its partnership with other international technology companies to launch the world’s first 3G smart feature phone in Africa. The partnership was announced at the AfricaCom, t..

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World Bank Announces $150M Support for Rwanda’s Education

The World Bank Group has announced $150 million (Rwf132 billion) grant to Rwanda that will be invested in education to build human capital needs. The grant is part of the Bank’s $1.3 billion active p..

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Abe Asks Cabinet Ministers to Take Steps on Economy

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ordered his Cabinet ministers Monday to make sure domestic demand continues to expand ahead of the consumption tax hike planned for next October. “While closely monitoring t..

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Prime Minister: New Prospects for Economic Cooperation with Russia

Khartoum - Prime Minister Mutaz Musa has stressed the importance of opening new horizons for economic cooperation between Sudan and Russia in the framework of cooperation between the two countries, wh..

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Saudi Arabia Receives 47,000 Heads of Sudanese Cattle

Khartoum - Sudan and Saudi Arabia have agreed to address the export of animal resources in accordance with the terms reached between the two countries. Accordingly, the port of Jeddah received during ..

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The 3rd Forum of Environment and Safety Supervisors at Mining Sector

Khartoum- State Minister at the ministry of Oil, Gas and Minerals ,Lt.Gen.( Police ) Awad al Nil Dahia addressed the 3rd forum of environment and safety supervisors at the mining sector yesterday Mond..

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Iraq and Saudi Arabia Agree to Work Together to Stabilize Oil Markets

BAGHDAD - Iraq and Saudi Arabia agreed on Saturday to work together to stabilize oil markets, Iraq’s Oil Ministry spokesman Asim Jihad said, without giving further details. During a meeting in Bagh..

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Why Higher Wages Reduce Inflation In The New Economy

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Rieder argues that wage growth doesn't lead to higher inflation, and in fact may even hold a dampening impact on inflation over time, which has important implications ..

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Argentine Recession Seen Bottoming out in 1st Quarter: IMF

Argentina’s shrinking economy will bottom out in the first three months of next year and start to recover in the second quarter, an International Monetary Fund official said on Saturday. The fund las..

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