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Friday 18th January 2019 | 01-17-2019


Agreement Signed to Cover Police Forces and Their Families in Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has signed an agreement with the police leadership to bring its employees and their families into the umbrella of health insurance in all the States of the co..

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Tobacco Free initiative

Saudi Arabia Adopts Plain Packaging on Tobacco Products: A Groundbreaking Step for Tobacco Control The Saudi Food and Drug Authority has informed manufacturers and importers of tobacco products to ..

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Omdurman Midwifery Training School a historic and Concept of Modern Midwifery (1-2)

Beginnings of training of nurses and midwives in the Sudan during the earlier establishment of the health services by the British Administration at the turn of the 1900’s took time to kick off. It is ..

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7th Workshop for Surgical Repair of Vaginal Fistula and Urinary Incontinence Convenes

ICS 7th Workshop for Surgical Repair of Vaginal Fistula and Urinary Incontinence was organized in Khartoum from 12-14th December 2018. *The workshop organized by the Ministry of Health, Khartoum State..

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Roadmap for Better Diabetes Care

The IDF Middle East and North America (MENA) region is a diverse and unique territory with great ethical and cultural differences and socioeconomic extremes. Approximately 38.7 million adults are livi..

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The 2nd Annual Sudan International Medical, Health Care and Pharmaceutical Investment..

The 2nd Annual Sudan International *Medical, Health Care *and * Pharmaceutical *Investment Forum *and Trade Exhibition *was *scheduled from 27-29 November, 2018 at the Grand Holiday Villa, Sudan. The ..

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Sudan International Diabetes Congress Convenes

Towards Integrated Care of Diabetes The Sudan Diabetes Federation (SDF) represented by the Sudan Diabetes Association, Sudan Childhood Diabetes Association, Diabetes Care Organization, and Diabetes..

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Al _Bashir inaugurates Umbada Hospital for Maternal and Child Health

The President of the Republic, *Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, inaugurated last Thursday *Umbada Hospital for Maternal and Child Health, in the presence of the Governor *of Khartoum State , *Hashim Othm..

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Vision 2023: A Call for Solidarity and Action

Health for All, by All … Everyone in the Eastern Mediterranean Region Can Enjoy A better Quality of Life. To collectively strive and accelerate progress towards the health and well-being of the..

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A Partnership to Cover the Employees and Beneficiaries of the Organizations by Health..

National, Arab and Islamic organizations, the National Health Insurance Fund and the Humanitarian Aid Commission have agreed to build the partnership to cover employees and beneficiaries of organizati..

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65th Session of WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean (2-2)

Extensive work was also undertaken to enhance surveillance, monitoring and evaluation in relation to NCDs and to reorient health services for better NCD management. Endorsement of a regional framework..

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65th Session of WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean Kicks-off (1-2)

The President of the Republic Omer Al Bashir will address the Health Ministers and high-level representatives of the 22 countries and territories of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region, partner organ..

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The 35th Forum of the Directors of the States of the NHIF Steps towards Success

Minister at the Ministry of Security and Social Development, Mona Farouk addressed the 35th Forum of the of the Directors of the States of the National Health Insurance Fund, under the slogan (integra..

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MoU to Achieve Social Safety and Poverty Reduction

Khartoum - The National Health Insurance Fund is a governmental organization in Sudan aims at alleviating the risks of the high cost of health services on both the government and population and securi..

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Countries Sign UHC2030 Global Compact to Progress towards Universal Health Coverage

Salalah, Oman –Countries of WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region signed a UHC2030 Global Compact during the “Ministerial meeting on the road towards universal health coverage” taking place in Salalah, O..

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