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Mars Mission Advocates See Benefits in NASA’s Lunar Exploration Plans

WASHINGTON — With NASA committed to a human return to the moon, Mars exploration advocates say those lunar missions can be useful to achieve their long-term goals, if designed properly. Many supporte..

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Toilets Are a Ticket to Dignity and Health

When nature calls, we need a toilet. However, in Kenya, there are 5.6 million people — 12 per cent of the population — who do not have access to one. There are significant disparities in the availabil..

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Scientists Solve Mystery of How Wombats Produce Cubed Poo

It is a biological curiosity that has perplexed scientists and fascinated the internet. Now researchers believe they have solved one of the animal kingdom’s smelliest mysteries: how wombats produce c..

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Flu Shot Gets a Boost from Dispensing with 1940s Technology

Making better flu shots comes down to dispensing with 1940s technology, according to CSL Ltd., which says its new method of vaccine production may offer better protection against the virus that killed..

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Essential Science: What Different Sides of the Brain Are Tell Us

Difference sides of the brain appear to specialize in different tasks and one side of the brain can dominate over the other side, according to a new study and affect how the other side of the brain re..

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New Technology Could Mean You Never Have to Wait at a Traffic Light Again

Traffic lights are a 150-year-old technology that were first introduced in the UK outside the Houses of Parliament. They are used to manage traffic flow but British drivers are have spent billions of..

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Preventing Chemical Weapons as Sciences Converge

Stark illustrations of the dangers from chemical weapons can be seen in attacks using toxic industrial chemicals and sarin against civilians and combatants in Syria and toxic industrial chemicals in I..

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China Unveils Design for $5 Billion Particle Smasher

BEIJING—The center of gravity in high energy physics could move to Asia if either of two grand plans is realized. At a workshop here last week, Chinese scientists unveiled the full conceptual design f..

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How Can Science Help Reverse Blindness?

The human eye is an incredibly complex organ, and researchers continue to actively investigate how the eye functions and, in some cases, why it does not. An estimated*36 million people*worldwide are b..

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New Studies Show Just How Bad Social Media Is For Mental Health

Some*people*may be starting to come to grips with the fact that social media isn’t so great for mental health.*Others may think that getting on it will*give them a boost—but especially depending on ho..

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Why 536 Was ‘the Worst Year to Be Alive’

Ask medieval historian Michael McCormick what year was the worst to be alive, and he's got an answer: "536." Not 1349, when the Black Death wiped out half of Europe. Not 1918, when the flu killed 50 m..

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Where Will Science Take Us? To the Stars

After 30 hours of bumping along on planes and buses, at long last I stood in the darkness and gazed upon an immense night sky. My long journey seemingly had brought me to the shoreline of interstellar..

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Where Will Science Take Us? To the Stars

After 30 hours of bumping along on planes and buses, at long last I stood in the darkness and gazed upon an immense night sky. My long journey seemingly had brought me to the shoreline of interstellar..

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Climate Change already Affecting Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones, Research Shows

You've probably heard people blame the devastating impacts of cyclones, hurricanes, or typhoons on climate change. On the other hand there are those that dismiss any suggestion of a link, often point..

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Blue Sky Science: How Does Electricity move Through Wires?

Q How does electricity move through wires? A*Dan Ludois, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison: It’s a complicated process, but there are charges in..

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Africa’s Science ‘Millionaires’: Survey Spotlights Top-funded Researchers

A pan-African study reveals researchers' continued dependence on funding from non-African organizations. Africa’s research funding system has created few winners: only 2% or so of scientists from ju..

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Obesity Causes Depression; But Thin Men Prone to It Too

New research released today from the University of South Australia and University of Exeter in the UK has found the strongest evidence yet that obesity causes depression. The causal effect is valid ev..

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NASA Believes It Can Put Humans on Mars Within 25 Years

NASA says it is also aware of the fact that the technological and medical hurdles in doing so are immense. "We need to get started now on certain key technologies," NASA astronaut Tom Jones said. D..

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Operation Convergent Response Delivers Technology in Action for First Responders

First responders, private industry and tech innovators came together for Operation Convergent Response, where first responders saw how emerging technology can be used to save lives. Hurricane flooding..

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Are Men Just Better at Science than Women?

Talk about bad timing. The day after the Government announces that it is creating dozens of “woman-only”professorships in science and engineering a report appears in a respected scientific journal app..

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