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Friday 18th January 2019 | 01-17-2019


Talk of the hour: The Demonstrations; Economically Initiated to End up into Plots..

The demonstrations that has been plaguing the country, are not only economically restricted, but, rather even has exceeded this to become politically oriented. Sudan Vision investigated the issue and ..

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The Global Search for Education: Draw and Innovate

“We create a mechanism or an environment made up of a few simple but clear rules. Within this context, the children are free to explore autonomously.”* – Alessandro Lumare Wanted: Learning that nur..

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Ambassador of Sweden: The First WIKI GAP Organized in Khartoum

Khartoum - Wikipedia is the world’s largest online and user-generated encyclopaedia. Knowledge is power, and Wikipedia has the potential to colour our view of the world. But there is great imbalance b..

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Trump Policy: New Scramble for Africa?

Almost two years in office the Trump administration came out with a new African policy last week. It was left to National Security Advisor John Bolton and Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.*Assistant Secretary,*Burea..

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Talk of the Hour: East or West Home Is Best

The African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) had recently wrapped up consultations with the Sudanese parties on the revision of the Roadmap Agreement without meeting the Sudan Call forces..

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All the Interventions MSF Made in the Past and Currently are very Important, Mr. Sylvain..

MSF-Switzerland Head in Sudan Mr. Sylvain Perron visited last week Sudan Vision premises and discussed with the newspaper staff many issues relating to the organization work and activities in Sudan. T..

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France is Confused in Ailing Europe

.In democracies, public opinion is a reckless and*insidious horse. It takes you to the palace in a powerful wave, but quickly expects you to do miracles beyond your powers, disregarding the bureaucrat..

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Talk of the Hour: The Current Peace in South Sudan Did Not Come out of the Blue

Recently, and at the premises of Teeba Press Forum in Khartoum, a symposium about the ‘the role of Sudan in the sustainability of the peace of South Sudan’ was held there. A large audience, especially..

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Khartoum’s Meeting of Libya

Neighboring Countries Are Ready to Pick up the Gauntlet *Hovering about its ninth year, the Libyan crisis has been a major concern for the region in general and the neighboring countries in particula..

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Improved School Environment Encourages Extra School Admission

More children are going to school in a village in Sudan, thanks to a project that means pupils now have access to clean latrines and safe drinking water. This time last year there was no latrines and..

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Talk of the Hour: Modern Media outlets and Its Impact on Journalism Profession

Recently, and at Al Nilein University (the French Department), Dr. Dominique Wolton, the head of the national French centre for researches, had presented a lecture on ‘to what extent do the modern soc..

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Weekly Roundup: Reviving Cooperatives to Reduce Price Hikes

Cooperatives are at work in almost every country and economic sector. More than 800 million people around the world are engaged in the cooperative movement. It is generally recognized that cooperati..

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Weekly Roundup: Darfur Pre-negotiations .. The Devil Is in the Detail

Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) leader Gibril Ibrahim announced that a pre-negotiation agreement with the Sudanese government will be signed in Berlin paving the way for the resumption of peace ta..

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FAO and the SDGs in Sudan Vision Forum (1)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is one of the main focus areas of Sudan Vision (SV). In affirmation of this vision, SV was among the few media outlets in Africa and the world which have endor..

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Oil Boom: A Second Chance?

Though it is an ordinary meeting, but the upcoming gathering of OPEC and non-OPEC allies in Vienna on Thursday carries a significant political and economic weight that may have implications even for S..

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Talk of the Hour: Normalization of Relation of Israel Argument

What was recently disseminated by the Israeli media organs has been falsified by the Sudanese, especially officially. The subject matter mainly revolves around a visit that is scheduled to be carried ..

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Seeking Peace Needs an Enterprising Foreign Policy

This week Istanbul will host two separate but related international conferences on mediation. One will be devoted to the state of play in the conflict map and capacity for mediation within the members..

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America’s Place in the World Depends on Conditions at Home (and the Middle Class)

Was it a blue wave, a blue trickle or a simple and fairly normal midterm correction? or a simple and fairly normal midterm correction? These are the questions that seem to fascinate and dominate the ..

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Beyond ‘Women’s Issues’ and Smoky Rooms: Debunking the Myths about Gender in Peace..

Participants from the CMI facilitated meeting with Libyan political parties and movements finalizing the code of conduct for political parties (Libyan Political Charter), and developing common recomme..

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Notes on My Visit to the United States

Last October, I had the opportunity to visit the United States of America following my last visit, which took place in 2011. During my stay, I visited Washington DC as well as the states of Virginia a..

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