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Saturday 19th January 2019 | 01-17-2019


Syria War: Displaced Babies Die Due to Freezing Weather

Fifteen displaced Syrian children - 13 of them aged under one - have died in recent weeks due to cold weather and inadequate medical care, the UN says. Eight deaths have been reported at the Rukban c..

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Foreign Troops in Iraq Cut by a Quarter in 2018: PM

Foreign troop numbers in Iraq fell by a quarter during 2018, Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi said, as the fallout fizzled from Washington's announcement it was withdrawing from neighbouring Syria. "I..

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Second “Terrorism-Affiliated” German Student Deported From Egypt

Days following the deportation of a German student with Egyptian roots, local authorities have deported Isa El Sabbagh from Egypt on Sunday. El Sabbagh, who was detained on December 17 at Luxor airpo..

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Brazil's Bolsonaro Signs Decree Loosening Gun Ownership Rules

Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, has signed a decree making it easier for citizens to keep a firearm at home in a country with one of the world’s highest murder rates and a record 63,880 intent..

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France: Emmanuel Macron Begins 'Grand Debate' Tour

The French president encouraged people to list their grievances and propose changes to the nation's economy during a "great debate." The tour is aimed at quelling the "yellow vest" movement. French P..

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France Commits more than $1B to Help Rebuild Iraq

France's foreign minister said Monday that the country will commit 1 billion euros, or $1.15 billion, to help rebuild Iraq in the wake of the campaign to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (IS..

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Besides Pushing Economic Agenda, Iraq Visit Asserts Kingdom’s Political Role — Experts

AMMAN — “The number one man and decision maker” in the Kingdom is taking point in the under-way efforts to restore momentum to Jordanian-Iraqi economic, trade and political relations, said Hashemite U..

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Ex-guerrilla Returns to Italy to Serve Life Sentence for Murder

A former leftist guerrilla fighter, facing a life sentence in Italy for murder, has landed in Rome on a special flight from Bolivia, ending almost four decades on the run. News of*Cesare Battisti's*a..

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Iran Says It Launched a Satellite into Space but It Failed to Reach Orbit

(TEHRAN, Iran) — Iran on Tuesday conducted one of at least two satellite launches it plans despite criticism from the United States, but the satellite failed to reach orbit, an official said. The roc..

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Gabon's President Returns Home Ôfter Extended Medical Leave

President Ali Bongo returned to Gabon on Monday after a three-month medical leave during which a coup attempt was thwarted, two government sources told Reuters. His return comes a week after a small ..

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Boko Haram Reportedly Takes over Rann, Sends Soldiers Fleeing

Islamic State West Africa (ISWA) insurgents, a faction of Boko Haram, overran the town of Rann, Borno State, on the evening of Monday, January 14, 2019, as soldiers took to their heels, according to a..

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2 Shot outside Mall in Salt Lake City Suburb

MURRAY, Utah: Two people were wounded in a shooting just outside a popular Utah mall Sunday where hundreds of scared shoppers hunkered down until police arrived to evacuate the building. Two people i..

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Indonesia Official: Lion Air Jet Voice Recorder Found

JAKARTA, Indonesia: Navy divers have recovered the cockpit voice recorder of a Lion Air jet that crashed into the Java Sea in October, Indonesian officials said Monday, in a possible boost to the acci..

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Funding Shortage Leads to World Food Programme Cuts for Palestinians

JERUSALEM: The World Food Programme has suspended or reduced aid for some of its Palestinian beneficiaries in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip due to funding shortages, an official with the organ..

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Wife Says ex-Nissan Boss Ghosn Suffers ‘Harsh’ Treatment in Jail

The wife of ousted Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. chairman Carlos Ghosn has urged New York-based Human Rights Watch to draw attention to his “harsh treatment” during detention in a Japanese jail, a letter seen..

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Italian Fugitive Battisti Extradited from Bolivia

ROME: Former communist militant Cesare Battisti was due to land in Rome on Monday after an international police squad tracked the Italian down and arrested him in Bolivia, ending almost four decades o..

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Poland: Mayor Stabbed on Stage, Condition very Serious

WARSAW, Poland: The mayor of a city in Poland was in very serious condition after he was stabbed on stage Sunday during the finale of a large charity event, and Polish media reported details that gave..

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No US Assistance on Syria Reconstruction until Iran is out: Top US Diplomat

Top U.S. diplomats are stridently pledging the Trump administration's determination to drive Iran out of Syria, even as it prepares to withdraw its military presence. And they're fielding new ideas to..

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India Invites Chinese Participation in Its Plans to Expand Electric Vehicles

India plans to achieve electric mobility by 2030 and welcomes Chinese industries participation and investment in the expansion of Indian Electric Vehicles (EV) Market, NITI Aayog Principal Advisor Ani..

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Gabon's Bongo Names New Prime Minister after Thwarted Coup Attempt

LIBREVILLE - Gabon’s President Ali Bongo, who has been out of the country for two months recovering from a stroke, named a new prime minister on Saturday in an apparent effort to shore up his politic..

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