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Friday 18th January 2019 | 01-17-2019

Editorial: Medicine Price Hikes

The medicine crisis has been escalating since last August when the medicine importing companies stopped its sales to the pharmacies.
The main reason for that decision is the establishment of the market-makers mechanism to determine the exchange rate.
The said mechanism determined SDG47 against the US dollar while the medicine exchange rate was SDG30 against the dollar before the establishment of the mechanism.
The medicine importing companies do not get support dollar from the Central Bank of Sudan and the only way to get the dollar is through the banks according to the price determined by the market-makers mechanism.
It would be logical if the Pharmaceutics calls on the companies to sell what they have in their stores according to the exchange rate they imported by (SDG30 against the dollar), then they meet together to agree on the new price list.
But it is apparent that there is lack of confidence between the two parties.
The stopping of selling the medicines to the pharmacies created scarcity in several types of drugs and citizens tour tens of pharmacies to get what they want.
I don’t know how the concerned authorities accepted the decision of the Central Bank of Sudan in which the CBOS stopped funding the medicine by the official rate of the US dollar.
The decision has its direct impact on the prices of the medicine as it jumped from 50% to 300% in some cases.
Doubling of the prices will make the people unable to purchase the medicine.
The decision is dangerous because it touches the health and life of the citizens and it cannot be justified by any means.
Nobody can support such decision because we are living in a country surrounded by diseases and poverty.
Medicine is not a luxury commodity to be dealt with like other imported commodities.
The decision is unjustifiable and the government should reconsider the issue to avoid its disastrous impact on the life of the citizens.
The government should retract immediately and provide all possible support and concessions to enable citizens purchase their medicine with reasonable prices.

By : moaz
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