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Saturday 19th January 2019 | 01-17-2019

Sudan Vision View: Irrevocable Sustainable Reforms

The Prime Minister (PM) Mutaz Musa after taking over the post of Minister of Finance in addition to being the PM said that the government intends to implement a sustainable, stable and irrevocable economic reforms and measures to control the economic performance indicators and as well attain a balance between supply and demand. Then he added that there will be a strong focus on the control and stabilization of the national currency rate as an essential tool to control the inflation rate according to a well-studied economic programme. He also, called upon government institution to rely on real resources to reduce inflation.
The aim of balancing the supply and demand factors will depend basically in the increase of production and productivity. Hence this should be the dominating factor in the formulation of the sustainable economic policies, programmes and plans mentioned and he stressed on the importance of being irrevocable.
This leads us to the core question in this respect, what sectors of the national economy should be given highest priorities in the national economy? There is almost universal national consensus that agriculture, agro-industries and livestock comes at the top of the list. Most officials and experts agree that the sectors that can revitalize the economy, lead growth and to address some of the core challenges facing the national economy.
Also, the PM target of balancing supply and demand can only materialize through these sector as one of the major shortages in supply are related to the food production factor. At the same time go hand in hand with the PM aim of improving the common people life as not less than 80 percent of the population depends on their livelihood on these sectors. In addition these are maybe the most realistic and promising sectors that can increase in an effective and sustainable manner the national exports hence the country foreign currency earning in volume that will stabilize and improve the national currency rates.
It is a good sign that most of this have come up in the directive for the formulation of the new budget.
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