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Friday 18th January 2019 | 01-17-2019

Editorial: Foreign Ministry Recovers Its Status

In his recent visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has affirmed full satisfaction of the government over performance of the Sudanese diplomacy, saying that the peace that has been realized in South Sudan is considered as the greatest achievement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
He pointed out that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed, has managed the dossier of peace negotiations of South Sudan with full knowledge and wisdom, a matter that contributed to realization of peace there, explaining that stability in South Sudan is stability for Sudan and the other states of the region.
He commended the great role being assumed by the Sudanese diplomacy in improving the image of Sudan abroad and putting it in its real context.
It is apparent that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recovered its natural status after years of duplications on the dossiers which are supposed
The recognition of the President to the full sovereignty of the diplomatic activities is an important step to bring the Sudanese diplomacy to its natural status.
However, the Sudanese diplomacy represents the defence front line win protecting Sudan and its interests.
It goes without saying that the Sudanese diplomacy reflects the bright image of Sudan despite the feverish attempts to tarnish it from hostile parties.
In the celebration of the peace day in Juba all the dignitaries who attended the ceremony praised the Sudanese diplomacy for its great efforts which resulted to the crossing of South Sudan issue to the safe shore.
Now the Sudanese diplomacy is working out a plan to achieve peace in the Central African Republic.
To complete its noble mission the Sudanese diplomacy should improve the relations with other countries economically for the purpose of mutual interests.
The Sudanese diplomat could promote out products including the cash crops and find out new markets for it.
Supporting the economy is an important step for the Sudanese diplomacy which could be done by the diplomatic mission abroad.
It is high time for the diplomacy to serve the economy.

By : moaz
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