Current Date:

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Let Us Pay More Care to Our Motherland

(Mohamed Elfadul Ibrahim) - Regardless of purely theoretic sophistic philosophies about the rejection of modern state

, as it is a creation by colonial powers in the last two centuries, however the inescapable reality is that the world now is divided into states. Our fate is to be born, up brought, nourished and educated in this land. So, it is our motherland. Our devotion and love should be dedicated to it, the same as we found ourselves born to parents, we have strong spiritual link, and so we are obedient, pious and dutiful to them.
It is absolutely shouting fact the extent of weakness of patriotism among us the Sudanese. The ruling party has harnessed its stay in power for more than a quarter of century to build huge membership; it has become the largest party in terms of membership. What the leaders of this party has done to nourish the sense of patriotism in the self, mind and spirit of their membership, not to speak about the others.
If there has been vigorous deterrence framework to punish those who drifted away seeking their personal ends on account of pursuing the national interest, then much would have been achieved. The irony, during the first days they have sacked many in the pretext of public interest.
However, since the slogan have been the Islamic governance, then they had found it difficult to admit that there was corruption when the first signs of corruption bubbled to the surface, for it is shameful to attribute corruption to an Islamic state, and it is true. But instead of encountering the facts and start to establish the legal frameworks to tackle the problem, they strived to cover the cases. Corrupted members when they discovered there will never be accountability, they perfectly exploited this situation to enrich unlawfully. This how corruption found its fertile soil to grow, until it has become too big to be defeated.
The self-evident manifestation of the retreating of the state of patriotism, when the dollar suddenly started to ascend on account of the national currency, all depositors, including the businessmen of the ruling party rushed frantically to withdraw their balances from the banks. This is unjustified for all the citizens, let alone the members of the ruling party. As if you want to wage economic war against your own country, which is worse than military war, at least for me. This a deliberate strive to drive the Sudanese economy into collapse, as a consequence of collapse of the banking system the backbone of the Sudan economy.
Social media many times spread rumours, particularly political ones. But there recently was news via social media went viral, I do not know whether it is true or untrue, about a meeting of the top leadership of the ruling party. What leaked from that meeting: the president has asked all attendants and members of the party to abandon all gains received beyond June 30 1989 in favour of the public purse. The reaction to that was both speechless and shock. If that is true, then the president has scored a big goal for the sake of patriotism, and his popularity will reach unprecedented levels. But we want deeds not words. In our Islamic culture there are many Hadeeths signifying and shed light on the importance of the part that could be played by the role model. Any failure or receding of the spirit of patriotism could be redressed by the interference of the supreme leader, by setting the shining example of raising the public interest high above the partisan or personal gains.
There is a necessity to set up a body for combating corruption, and pave the appropriate environment for it to accomplish its mission effectively.
The rule of law should prevail; no one is above the law. According to the meaning of honourable Hadeeth: all people are equal as the teeth of a comb. This is the platform from which social, economic and political reform should be launched.
Let us give due care and pay more attention to our motherland, and not to be impious, disobedient and undutiful sons and daughters.