Current Date:

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Thanks to Allah: Our County Call…Has Become an Order (4-4)

It hard for me and for those who love very much to see their country lives in a splendid ,prosperity, peace

, and progress, high time has come for all of us official and non official, government and opposition to unite our views to rescue our ship, because we are all onboard, no time for Endeavour or doing things that may harm all the population. Lesson round us proved that enemies in necessity put hand on hand to save their land ,otherwise the time may gone and we still quarreling for nothing.
Now, lines have been distinguished by their work, every man now is socially red by others, from his deeds, nobody will try to deny that he hasn’t done so and so ,because people have seen his works, so works gives real testimonies about their doers, nothing harm home more than being kicked by his sons.
Adults, must play real role in correcting bad behavior, that had happened from their sons, such breeding do much in correcting the march of our nation, when wise men and women do their turn well the society go well, due to their wisdom   accumulated experience, they can do much than expected from them, expertise here is the pivotal to straighten the communities conceptions specially in acting general posts. Consultations are the cornerstone in cementing everything that is needed in pushing forward thus productive wheel, this comes through giving good examples from adults  to youth, students, boys, through collective work the young’s take from the adults what they do through imitating, as a result for this the norms goes from generation to another ,thus information are transferred between people, let us hope that the coming is going to get use of that fine heritage which they have heritage from fathers and mothers.
Sorry for the past never comes back good, all are going, what will remain is only good deeds, the predecessors have left to us treasures of dignity, pride, values, what is remain from us is to build on these heritages, to let our children’s see what their ancestors have left for them to follow, always progressed nations honor their grandparents by respecting their efforts, develop their ideas, adding more toppings to it, this gives much ornaments to them and please the presence generation.
Changing life style is not easy thing to be done individually, if you were an chairman in any of our well known co-corporation you will never ever do it yourself, supporters are a must for your visions, this should be done through many axis so as to reach the stage of approximately nearly completeness;
 At the side of families ,they must be well chosen to bred kids across good example fro parents, if the base of the family is not steady ,surely this building will collapse, the result of this ruins are going to extend to other neighbors’ ,specially those who have great connection with them, it is clear that the whole society will not safe if the situation of this family is not settle, from here the danger will appear in the shape of; homeless, begging, foundlings, and other one’s which are nexus strongly with the family, protecting family lead to safe all your society from being affected by negative phenomenon’s.
Community is playing major role in shaping any society, through the conceptions which he has ,these conceptions maybe religious, tradition, customs, inheritance, norms, totally any rules that are respected by majority of a certain community, so such people ,they have the upper hand in guiding the folks, because they have the molds which lead the whole people to apply it in their all dealings like; merchants, marriages, divorces, penalties ,compensations, as a whole everything that connected with daily life acts.
 Schools are the industry where products are made, so the materials must be original, if not the output is going to be invalid, syllabuses must express people beliefs, and otherwise the results are going to be unpleasant.
Tops this, are some thoughts which may help in strengthening and straightening our social life, one hand never applaud; we need collective work to rescue our teens from the traps which are put for them to fall in it
AS the story goes, scholar says; duty is something to be done optionally or compulsory, we are now in a critical term, necessitate collective work day and night, denying any other interests but SUDAN, to rescue our people ho are on board all of them, patriotism, order you to show your home muscles, to forget any differentiations between me and you for sake of the whole country, sacrifices here are seen as patriotic not concessions.