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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Business Vision: China African 7th Think-Tank Forum

The seventh China African Think-Tank Forum wrapped up on Thursday in Beijing, after a two-day of intensifve discussions

aimed at better and strategic future relations and cooperation, the event was attended by academicians and scholars from Africa and China.
China Assistant Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong delivered an impressive speech before the participants conveyed that China Diplomacy has developed from traditional diplomacy of shaking hands to the "Public Diplomacy" which is based on people to people and nation to nation communication.
I would like to focus on the speech of Mr. Chen Xiaodong, the Assistant Foreign Minister, not only on "quoting" but also on analyzing what is behind the lines, to give readers deep conception to China African Cooperation "Facts Speak Louder than Words, and Fair Minded People Can Tell Right from Wrong" these strong words by Chen were translated into actions and figures to prove China win-win policy, here are some details released and stated by the high level and senior diplomat Chen Xiaodong show that "trade between China and Africa grew more than 200-fold, jumping from US$165 million to US$170 billion" during the past four decades, this huge change in trade volume between the two parts is a good evidence to China African fair cooperation, in terms of investment, the volume totalled to US$110 billion, so the mentioned figures show that China African Cooperation has  exceeded the stage of theory to practice.
Chen also told about people to people communication which is considered as the modern effective diplomatic way to connect communities "over the past four decades our people to people ties has expanded" said the Assistant Foreign Minister who enhanced his statement by the following statistics "nearly two million visits are made between the two sides every year, and 133 sisterly ties between China provinces, cities and African countries". were established.
The speech of Chen also stressed on promoting the three key points that discussed by the participants, such as relations, development and media cooperation between China and Africa.
The political coordination between China and Africa has reached to strategic level; affirmed Chen who drew attention to the China supported stances to Africa in both regional and international issues.
Chen Xiaodong has sent strong message to those who hinder the efforts and endeavors of China and Africa in providing an excellent mutual interests based on firm and steady platform, in this regard Chen outlined three points as a fundamental policy towards China African relations, one is "no political strings attached, two, the cooperation with Africa is a boost to local economic and social development, three, the cooperation is economically viable and win-win in nature".
The speech portraits the future of ties and cooperation between China in the upcoming global economic giant and Africa the world’s natural resources reserve.