Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Moonlight: Chinese Contributions in Sudan

The China – Sudan Cooperation now shines as a model for developing Sino- African nations

, showcasing China’s contribution to Africa’s development. Thanks to the funding and technological aid from China, Sudan has largely achieved energy independence by establishing its oil industry. Similarly, China is helping Sudan transform its economy, through its efforts to create a cotton industry with complete chain of production. To illustrate the close economic and trade relationship between the two countries, China is the biggest trade partner for Sudan, which is the third largest African trade partner for China.
Sudan’s relationship with China is historical, deep-rooted and strategic. This is a model relationship that Khartoum hope will continue and shift to wider horizons. The great contributions which Beijing provided to Sudan are the Friendship Hall, the new presidential palace and Khartoum refinery this are constituting the mark of cooperation between Khartoum and Beijing. The two sides have strong desire and determination to make their strategic cooperation as partnership in all aspects.
In the field of agriculture China wants with an honest willingness to turn Sudan’s cotton into white gold, this is the second contribution provided by Beijing to Khartoum , who follows the economic resources in Sudan he will know that Sudan is also famous for growing quality cotton. But unfortunately Khartoum able not to utilize these important resources it has failed so far to establish a complete industry with a production chain from cotton, processing, to textile and clothing making.
Now, China is making huge efforts to help Sudan build a cotton industry, based on its successful experience in the oil industry. China has already achieved success in helping Sudan improve its cotton farming, in Al-Faw in Al-Qadarif state, it funded modern cotton research center, which has played an important role in development of agriculture’s sector, China also funded China Aid Agricultural Technology Demonstration center, has successfully introduced a new type of quality cotton seeds from China. In addition to cotton growing, Chinese companies plan to help Sudan build textile and ready- made clothing factories to complete the cotton industry’s chain production.
Generally Khartoum, benefiting so much from the previous cooperation with China, is now eager to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The partnership between Khartoum and Beijing has brought about so many benefits, now Sudan needs to get more help from China in the field of infrastructure construction.
The two sides would draw road map to develop their bilateral relations in all fields and exert a huge efforts in order to make it strategic in the upcoming period. Khartoum and Beijing have a solid determination to work hand- in – hand due to achieve their common interests and benefits. The cooperation between them needs motivation and transform the tradition relations to strategic and common partnership deal with strong basis for their coming generation. The two countries would promote their friendly relations and bolstering ties of cooperation in all fields. However, relations between Sudan and China are developing and progressing in all domains. China is a most important strategic partner to Sudan in field of economic development. The two sides shared identical views over all over economic issues, the Sudan – China relations would witness great prosperity and further progress within the coming stage.