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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Thanks to Allah: The Importance of Piousness in Our Life

Whenever you are here or there, walking on foot, cycling, riding, or even flying in an airplane

,you feel the existence of Allah, this  if you have got religion, if not you just pass like any moving thing which does not  know the aim of his being, eating, drinking, sleeping, awaking, happy, sad, who are you? Why you are on earth? You have to use your mind, you are not an occurrence, the precise of your being has not come without creator, then the environment, surround you as well, reflects these facts, death is the biggest approve for all these things, besides your shape changing yearly, till you pass away to another world, which we called as Muslim, the doomsday, there you are going to face the unseen world, which you always keep denying, the amusements, that you are filling your time with today, tomorrow ,you will be sorry for that, time you have lost in nothing good. In disasters you see people are running out off, looking for safety, why you want to rescue your self! Do you need more time to play, or you have realized the important of live! I thing both, but two late, you have taken your full time, no extra time, take your paper to be checked by Allah.
I am, sorry to say, most of our people,  people of today neglect the aim of their existence, the weather of joy, music, enjoying time all are at the expense of your time, your life, definitely, there are some circles who are benefiting from this chaos, they want to keep people, in an emptiness, to distract youths, specially, not to thing of the world, or their being man, world without religion, like a forest without animals, or a sea without fishes, what we see of today problems are the expected results of the intellect vacancy we are living in. In war times, starvations, earthquakes, desertification, people hurry to churches, mosques, supplication to Allah to help them, why, you know him in bad things and forget him in good ones!!
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself!!!believe me if we correct our behaviors, everything will turn to be good, enemies being friends, weapons becomes agricultural tools, people of different, leaders what ever they are ,they need to express their folks interests, to be as representatives to them not rulers ,to get rid of the sense of highness, pride, and looking down others, these things, are very important to be done today before tomorrow, because they are the motives of   problems, chaos, disputes, the feeling of integrity, oneness, it is very significant today, it pushes us together ahead ,without it live never be bearable, at the same time, need of each other is increasing nowadays. Necessities of today, proved clearly why people are suffering, seeking for better life, immigrate, facing risks, crossing forests, mountains, oceans, to reach fare places, if there is a sense of humanity between nations people will never ever suffer!
People need to relook on their relation, to divide equally the resources they have with each other generous ally, to give a helping hand to poorest, lifting under developed countries by: consultations, technical aide, and quality measures, these we are in dire need for.Poor countries are never in need for weapons, they have got a lot of obstacles to be solved by wisdom not bullets, those who sell arms to Africans are just looking to exploit  their resources in the time of fighting. But how can we awake up from our fast asleep, this laziness has come from the angle of the spirit vacancy, due to your believing in Allah you work day and night to get your livingThen, how can we fill the gap of need to start a new live full of happiness, averting pessimistic of the future, it is to refer our spirit need to Allah who create and organize the world, depending on our self is not quite enough to resolve our problems, some one may say religious examples before us are not good at all, they fighting, killing each other, nowadays most of the world plights are from religious people, they do not fear death, they sacrifice them selves for what they believe is right.. But how can we awake up from our fast asleep ,this laziness, has come from the angle of the spirit vacancy, due to your believing in Allah you work day and night to get your living.
It worth noting, all creatures have realized the existence of great power by nature, looking to skies, grounds, rivers seas, shapes of folks ,all these give you indicator that the creator is great, he deserved to be worshipped, as gratitude of his innovations on the earth and the other unseen world, there are main one example which reflects the humans anxious, it is the fear of unknown enemy, the running after modern devices to monitor each other, cameras are everywhere ,massive destroying weapons stored ,killing, raping, thefts day and night, prevailing of psychological centers.
This scare has come out as a result of absence of religion, no fear of Allah, then crimes come, if anybody bring the mighty of Allah he will not try to disobey him, because he knows, when day coming he will face him, at that moment no time for apologize, it has gone, you time is over, it is the accountability hour ..Are you ready?