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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Daily Arabic Newspapers Headlines Wednesday, 9th August, 2017

* The Presidency Prevents Collective Popular Rescue Call and Tribes from Owning Weapons

* Increase of Foreign Currency Resources, Gold Achieves $ 750 Million
* Jordanian Prime Minister Arrives in Khartoum
* Authorities Recovered Five Cars Kidnapped by Gunmen in El-Fasher

Khir Lahza
* Regular Forces Granted Powers and Immunities to Collect Weapons
* Ministry of Finance: SDG Billion Deficit in the Budget
* Hassabo: The Proliferation of Weapons and Unlicensed Vehicles Cause Terror to Citizens
Al-Bashir Receives Invitation to Participate in Sharm Al-Sheikh Forum

Akbar Al-Youm
* CBOS Allows to Banks to Purchase Foreign Exchange Resources from Accounts of Foreigners
* Saudi Council of Ministers Briefs on the Outcomes of Al-Bashir, King Salman Meeting
* Start of the Trial of the accused of Promoting Rumors of Kidnapping in Khartoum
* Juba Opens New Camps for Darfur Movements and SPLM-N

* Al-Hillu Restructures SPLM-N, Appoints Jagoad and Taka as His Deputies
* Nomination of Ahmed Gassim Hospital to Become World Center in Cardiac Surgery
* Strict Measures to Control the Entry of Southern Refugees to East Darfur
* Mashair Al-Dawalab Praises UN Population Fund

Al-Ray- Al-Aam
* Officials in Friendly Countries to Visit Sudan this Month
* Police Arrested Murderer of Child Badri in Port Sudan
* Hassabo Confirms Willingness to Succeed Weapons Collection *Campaign Differences Between Two factions within the Popular Congress Party

Al-Youm Al-Tali
* Incomplete Files Hamper Sudan's Accession to the WTO
* NCP: No Intention to Change Governors
* Parliament Speaker to Visit Kuwait
* Ghandour: US Lawyers Reduced the Fine of the Explosions Victims to Two Billion dollars

* US Senior Military Official Arrives in Khartoum
* MP Calls for Trial of Northern State Governor and Speaker of the State Legislature
* Intention to Form Interim Government in the South to Prepare for Early Elections
* Ministry of the Interior Undertakes not to Tolerate in Granting Citizenship to Foreigners

* The Ministry of Finance Confirms the Continuation of Incentives Policy for Foreign Exchange
* Cultivation of 95 thousand Acres of Genetically Modified Cotton in Gezira Scheme
* Khartoum Launches Major Campaign against Mosquitoes and Insects
* Ibrahim Mahmoud Briefed on the Situation in the Red Sea