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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

IUA Farm.. A Success Story

Khartoum - Years ago the International University of Africa (IUA)  more than 5000 students, most of whom are foreigners  are living in the housing compounds  of the university, getting their meals at the expense of the university.
The IUA administration decided to achieve self-sufficiency through producing its food by itself, so the government availed 400 acres in Ailafoon district, some 30 kilometers east of Khartoum to achieve the self-sufficiency for the students along with training them on the production stages of agricultural, animal production and other related industries.
The farm started traditionally to cover part of the needs of the students’ requirement from vegetables, milk and meat.
It started with 7 cows, 30 sheep, 500 hens, and 3 acres for planting vegetables.
The IUA went a mile forward through using the agricultural technology depending on the students and teaching staff of the related colleges.
This step doubled the production to cover the need of 5000 students besides exporting some of its production abroad along with providing the local market with some of its products.
The farm is now producing 500 jerry cans of edible oil each of Lbs36 daily and is planning to double the production.
The poultry farm produces around 4000 eggs daily besides the production of the fish farm and the milk.
To benefit from its agricultural products to the maximum, the IUA farm started the transforming industries including juice, jam, edible oil, cookies, and fodder.
The most attracting factor in this success story is that all who work in those farms as famers, technicians and production supervisors are the students of the university and all of them are foreigners.
The IUA farm is a model which if applied in other similar institutions could achieve Sudan self-sufficiency and lift great burden from the government in financing those institutions.