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Friday, 14 December 2018

Translation of Address Given by President Al-Bashir before National Legislature on October 2018

Khartoum (SUNA) - Hereunder is an unofficial translation of the address given by the President of the Republic

, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, at outset of eighth session of the National Legislature on Monday, October 1, 2018:-
In the Name of Allah the Merciful, the Graceful, the Dispenser of Grace
Speech by the President of the Republic
Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir
Before the National Legislative Council
The 8th session
October 2018
Praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Two Worlds, and Peace and Blessing be upon the Master of the Messengers, Our Master Mohamed, may the Best of blessings and prayers be upon Him, His Family, His Companions and upon all those who championed His Call and those who followed His Pathway up till the Day of Judgment.
Allah the Almighty said” And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.”
He also said: “And those who have responded to their lord and established prayer and whose affair is [determined by] consultation among themselves, and from what We have provided them, they spend”
Brother Speaker of the National Legislative Council,
August brothers and sisters, members of the National Legislative Council, honorable guests present
Peace and blessing of Allah be upon you
It gives me pleasure in this blessed day to address the opening session of your August Council in the 8th session of the National Legislative Council, a session that complements the previous one that witnessed, praise be to Allah and His Blessings, and thanks to your tremendous efforts, numerous achievements in the various legislative, political, economic and social fields, as well as achievements in improvement of public policies, supervision of the executive performance.
In that session your Council was guided by a patriotic and forward-looking spirit, high flexibility and a refined responsibility, within a climate of freedom, consultations and national commitment.
August Brothers and Sisters
Our people follow up this meeting of yours today, with much confidence as you give due attention to questions of concern to them, in affirmation of the huge and vanguard role that your Council has been playing, aware of its national role and its contributions and in its initiatives for resolving local and external challenges the country encounters, in such a way that assists the executive body to discharge its mandate, guiding the executive to spot areas of shortcomings.
You are the eye that sees and observes and you correct the general performance, with the objective of completing the building of the state, achieving peace and stability and setting the pillars for the all-inclusive development in the country.
Brother Speaker
August Brothers and Sisters
There is no doubt that you have lived and have been following the challenges and circumstances that have been facing our country at the economic level, including the prices hikes, liquid money shortage, and the impact of this on the living conditions of the people and on the functioning of the government. This necessitated taking decisions and adoption measures, in consultation with the members of the National Accord Government, to reach solution and to face these conditions and stand up to those challenges….
Now your Honorable Council is in session, at a time our country is heading forwards to a new stage which we started by the restructuring process, starting from the Presidency of the Republic, followed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so as to ensure the good use of the resources coupled with the efficiency required. Work will continue in the restructuring and in controlling expenditures at the various level of the government, both at Federal and State levels. This comes within a comprehensive plan that aims to creative capable and competent Civil Service, trained on the most up-to-date technology and in accordance with the highest level of standards and excellence… upgrading the public employment, with structures that overcome flabbiness and irrational disbursements . And with the same token , we will continue implementing the recommendations of the Conference on Assessment and Evaluation of Federal Government System, by reducing the structures of the government at the state level, the ministries and the localities, going against flabbiness, controlling expenditures, in accordance with mechanism that would ensure the Civil Service shall perform the best possible and cost effective service for the people.
Brother Speaker
Honorable Brothers and Sisters,
This economic situation was brought as consequences for internal and foreign circumstances of which you are aware. You have equally followed the deep understanding shown by our people, their patience in face of suffering, and their great hope of overcoming these challenges… With that concern in mind, we have consulted with members of the National Accord Government and, in implementation for the National Dialogue Recommendations and Outcome, to reach a common understanding on reduction of the executive apparatus at the State and Federal levels, formation of an executive body that copes up with the requirements and nature of the stage, siding with the interests of the homeland away from personal and partisan interests, thus comes our decision to restructure the National Accord Government at all levels, separating the post of the Prime Minister from that of the First Vice President, to achieve efficiency. Here  we would like to voice our sincere thanks to the former National Prime Minister and to his government , for shouldering the responsibilities and for their appreciated efforts during the past period. We would likewise want to express our full confidence in the  nascent government to discharge its role in overcoming the economic crisis and in realizing the aspirations of the masses.
Brother Speaker
Honorable Brothers and Sisters
Good governance has always been an objective for this government, working by all means to achieve it, the same with corruption where efforts will continue unabated to fully eradicate it, applying our existing apparatus and via the formation of a specialized commission.
At the economic level, the formation of the current government is the start for a new era, an era that will witness revision of the foundations of the overall economy in line with new vision, and in implementation of the focused programme, adoption of detailed policies and measures to incentivize production, increase exports and control imports, as well as achieving the financial control in all government units. The Presidency of the Republic will also follow up the big development projects, providing for them the required resources, to ensure the best use for the available resources at the macro economy level, beside the implementation of an emergency programme that will comprise projects with quick and immediate results, with the aim of bettering the living conditions of the people and creating conducive environment for investment, in a way that these conditions would meet the requirements of the investment, both national and foreign. We have also given directives that the 2019 Budget Project, take into consideration all these elements but with more emphasis on the living conditions of the people as a top priority. This will be done through a package of policies and economic programme that would secure good living conditions, alleviate the burden of living conditions. On the same token, we have given directives that  the various mechanisms of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and the concerned institutions, concerned with supervision of services and commodities, hold on check the greedy elements. And we hope that your Council will play the desired role in giving flesh to this supervision.
Brother Speaker
Honorable Brothers and Sisters
The National, and Societal, Dialogue stands out as a mature practice in our modern history.  While reaffirming our commitment to its outcome, in form and in spirit,  we call upon our brothers who have opted for other means, to join the march for peace which we have been working to achieve by opening up for dialogue and negotiations, repeatedly renewing ceasefires, with the aim of reaching a lasting peace, the dividends of which our dear people could enjoy and the fruits of which they could reap. And as the implementation of the outcome of  the National Dialogue constitutes a basic pillar for achieving lasting peace and stability, we have made huge strides in carrying out these outcomes, in earnest and harmony. And this is the harmony which we have used in managing the successful consultation about the National Committee that initiated the discussion about the constitution, the objectives of the committee and its competences, so that a new founding stage for dialogue around the requirement of the constitution begins, leading to the stage of setting the Permanent Constitutions for the country.
While we keep in mind the achievement of comprehensive peace in the country, the security of the people and the homeland, is a priority. This is carried out by our Armed Forces, the National Intelligence and Security Services , the Police, the Rapid Support Forces and all other regular forces. The government has scored considerable progress in collecting unlicensed fire arms, a success that has been recognized by the international community. We are also going to spur the implementation of the national project for the restructuring of the Armed Forces, the aim is to build efficient, strong forces with high capabilities, able to security the country’s borders and safeguard its independence and sovereignty and to carry out all other missions assigned to them. We will double the efforts for controlling and streamlining the aliens’ presence in the country, so as to protect the security of the people and preserve the capabilities of the homeland.  We call upon the international community to shoulder its responsibility towards supporting the national efforts in combatting illegal immigration, human trafficking and its duties towards the refugees.
Brother Speaker
Honorable Brothers and Sisters
You have been following Sudan’s  achievements abroad,  the signing of the peace agreement in the State of South Sudan, a step that will end the war and set a precedent in achieving peace in Africa by Africans. This is to be added to our efforts for boosting national unity and peace in neighboring Central African Republic (CAR).
These achievements have boosted Sudan’s position regionally and internationally and the Sudan has become a reliable partner in making peace and development in the region. The outcome of which has been clear in the distinguished relations with the international community and with our Arab and African surroundings first, with China, with Turkey, with Russia and with a number of European states, not to mention our outstanding relations with our regional neighbors  who have all reached out for contact and boosting good neighborhood relations with the Sudan.
We congratulate our brothers in Ethiopia and in Eritrea for their good steps in this track.  At this stage, the Presidential Diplomacy will continue along with the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and our embassies, within the  framework of their slogan on “Effective Economic Diplomacy”, to open up new fields of fruitful economic cooperation with sister and friendly countries with economic weight, creating strategic partnership and opening new markets for the Sudanese products.
Brother President
Honorable Brothers and Sisters
As we are placing in your hands the responsibility of supervision, orientation and directing the executive in this session in which we wish you every success,  but at the same time we are placing our confidence in the new Council of Ministers to carry out the responsibility placed upon them, to lead the country towards horizons of development and progress, armed with genuine will and honesty, backed by the support of our people and their stand behind their government. And Allah willing, we will achieve our objectives as long as we hold to steadfastness and sharpen our resolve, with the Help of Allah the Almighty .
And Peace and Blessing of Allah be Upon You