Current Date:

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Ethiopian Ambassador Meets Ethio-Sudanese Business Council

H.E Ambassador Shiferaw Jarso, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the Sudan held discussion with leaders and members of Ethio-Sudanese Business Council during the event organized by the Ethiopian Embassy in collaboration with Mr. Wagdi Marghani, Owner and CEO of Mahgoub and Sons Group and Chairman of the Ethio-Sudanese Business Council. Mr. Wagdi Merghani is also the leading Sudanese investor in Ethiopia.
The aforementioned event was intended to exchange views on the existing and emerging investment opportunities in Ethiopia and how to engage potential investors from the Sudan. The event which was followed by Dinner hosted by Mr. Wagdi was also graced by the presence of the Chairman of the Sudanese International Peoples’ Friendship Council, the Newly Appointed Ambassador of the Sudan to Ethiopia, high ranking government officials, renowned university professors, Ethiopia’s diplomats, and other prominent personalities.
The Chairman of the Sudanese International Peoples’ Friendship Council, in his remarks, noted that Ethio-Sudanese relations is in its heyday and hence beyond discussion. He stressed that Ethiopia and Sudan are one country and the two peoples share high level of similarities, the biggest difference being that of weather. He also pointed out that the Sudanese side is preparing to send the second public diplomacy team to Ethiopia before the end of the current year.
Mr. Wagdi Marghani on his part pointed out that the two peoples drink from the same water, as most of Sudanese waters, comes from Ethiopian highlands. Mr. Wagdi stressed that a lot of business opportunities are emerging as a result of political and economic reforms in Ethiopia. He underlined that the Sudanese business communities are inspired by the unfolding reforms in Ethiopia. Wagdi went on to say that  the new peace initiatives in the Horn of African region, which started out by normalization of relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea to be followed by similar moves by other countries in the region, is promising in terms of creating conducive investment climate and access to market for investors.
H.E Ambassador Shiferaw Jarso briefed the participants of the event on the current reforms underway in Ethiopia and the untapped investment opportunities. He stressed that the two peoples share a number of commonalities and hence are one people save for the externally imposed boundaries. He pointed out that the excellent bilateral relations between the two sisterly countries should be complemented by economic integration and people-to-people ties. Ambassador Shiferaw promised to work with the Sudanese side to strengthen people-to-people relations and integrate the economies of the two countries during his tenure in Sudan.