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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Khartoum and Ankara Draw Roadmap for Future of Relations

Khartoum - The Turkish President Raccep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Khartoum represents an important step toward boosting relations

between Khartoum and Ankara and sets the beginning of Turkey's opening up to Africa, considering Sudan's location as the gate to the continent. 
Considering Turkey's political, social and economic weight, such visits will is expected to become a turning point regarding the ties between the two countries as regard mutual economic cooperation in aid of reciprocal interests.
The two countries are notably headed for forging strategic partnership in various fields and accelerate joint efforts to enhance their distinguished relations and already concluded agreements by the two sides.
Turkey and Sudan are braced for establishing Joint Strategic Cooperation Country besides their joint strategic planning group to handle and consult on international affairs and military cooperation.
Erdogan noted that the two countries are working for solid relations in the services of their respective national interests, thanking the people of Sudan for supporting his countries against the attempted coup.
Turkish investments and trade exchange currently amounts to 500 million US dollars, and expected to hit 10 billion dollars as Sudanese businesspersons are scheduled to meet with their Turkish peers tomorrow to strike deals and conclude additional agreements in this connection.
Turkey is keen on supporting agriculture, education, health and water sectors, according to Erdogan, especially in Khartoum and South Darfur states; in addition to the ongoing free medical treatments services provided by the Sudanese-Turkish Medical Society. 
Erdogan commended the national dialogue and urged the holdout armed movements and political parties and opposition groups to join the dialogue, reiterating his country's desire for cooperation with Sudan and Africa to achieve further stability in the continent and support infrastructure.
"Sudan is guarantor for Africa's stability," Erdogan said, hailing Sudan's efforts to combating human trafficking, illegal immigration and terrorism, announcing that Turkish schools in Sudan would be transformed to Turkish Education Dedications to improve quality of education in the country in collaboration with relevant bodies. He underscored the importance of religious education and being alerts to terrorist organizations,
Erdogan's visit was not only confined to mutual cooperation between the two countries, but went as far as to tackle issues of mutual concern, notably Jerusalem when he reiterated his categorical rejection of Mr. Trump's latest decision to recognize the Jewdization of  Jerusalem and design to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
Erdogan called on Trump to reverse his decision, especially after the opposition by 128 countries to the move.

Remarkable turn in Khartoum – Ankara relations

President Al Bashir painted Erdogan's visit to Khartoum as "historic" and a remarkable turn in the relationship of the two countries and paves the way for forging strategic partnership.
Al Bashir expressed his satisfaction with what he called the level of relations between the two countries.
"We are working for boosting economic cooperation, encouraging reciprocal investments and looking forward to for the trade balance to reach 10 billion US dollars," Al Bashir said, adding "We are hoping for the Turkish investment to reach 10 billion dollars in next five years."
"We are looking forward to enter joint projects in agriculture, industry and animal production," he said, citing the recent agreement establishment of a Turkish–Sudanese company for agricultural production, as well as a pilot ideal project, which he said will spearhead agricultural partnership between the two countries.   
Al Bashir praised understanding reached between the two private sectors and dedication of the Turkish team that visit all regions of Sudan within the framework of creating appropriate climate for joint investment in agricultural and animal production sectors to bridge food gap in the region.
He said that the Joint Sudanese-Turkish Consultative Council will convene annually to follow up on understanding and agreements reached along with the supervision by the two country's ministers for foreign. 
President Al Bashir noted the economic strategic partnership agreement signed between Sudan and Turkey would set the basis for cooperation in the fields of education, culture and science and academic exchange, welcoming the establishment of a Turkish university in Sudan in support of mutual and military cooperation.
He welcomed the meeting of the joint ministerial committee in Khartoum next February to be presided over by the ministers of agriculture in the two countries, highlighting the importance of joint committee for different fields, including a political consultation committee.
Erdogan's visit to Khartoum has given momentum for the progress of bilateral ties between the two countries, according to President Al Bashir.
Mutual cooperation agreement:

Sudan and Turkey signed on Sunday in Khartoum 12 agreements to boost economic, military and cultural cooperation. The two sides also agreed to establish a joint Strategic Cooperation Council chaired by the two state leaders.
"This (Erdogan's visit) is a historic visit as it is the first time for a Turkish president to visit Sudan. It is also distinguished given the great accompanying ministerial delegation," said Bashir at a joint press conference with Erdogan following the talks.
He said the visit gives rise to a great leap in the ties between the two countries and unveils a new phase in the relations between Khartoum and Ankara.
Erdogan on Sunday arrived in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the first stop of his tour in Africa that will also take him to Chad and Tunisia. Erdogan's visit is the first time that a Turkish president visited Sudan since the independence of the North African nation in 1956.