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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sudan Vision in Central Darfur State

Zalingei - Monday 05th December 2017;government officials , diplomats and development partners arrived in Zalingei

the capital city of Central Darfur State to witness the launching and handover of the completed the construction of three infrastructure projects the  Zalingei Central Prison Training Workshop and Gender Unit; the Police station and  Vocational Training Center. All three projects have been officially handed over to Sudan Government; the projects were all funded through the United Nations Darfur Fund (UNDF) supported by the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD), State of Qatar. A key provision of the Doha Document Peace in Darfur stipulates that all disarmed and demobilized ex-combatants should be economically and socially reintegrated into civilian society to contribute to long term peace and security in Darfur
The visiting delegation headed by Presidency of Sudan represented by the Assistant of President of the Republic, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi;  the State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation; Governor of Central Darfur state; line ministers and Sudan DDR Commissioner General.
The delegation included the country director of UNDP and UNAMID representative, Ambassadors of Qatar; Japan; United Kingdom; Norway; Netherlands, Sweden and representatives from France and Germany and the director of USAID and Qatar Charity Organization ; the delegation was welcomed by the governor of Central Darfur State alongside state Government members.
UNDP Sudan country director; Dr. Selva Ramachandran appointed to the important role of UNDP in DDR process in Sudan   “What we witness today in Darfur are the results of the implementation that inclusive approach. Many of the ex-combatants are successfully reintegrated and started their lives and are able to send their children to schools and lead a decent life.  UNDP recognizes that DDR is very important component of DDPD and any delay in demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants will have implications. The traditional approach to DDR is no longer sufficient to address complex contexts as the ones we face in Darfur. The UNDP designed community focused approach for DDR in coordination with SDDRC, UNAMID and the state governments to benefit host communities and as well as ex-combatants.
The Darfur Community based Reintegration and Stabilization Programme is one of the 12 Foundational and Short-Term (FaST) activities under the Darfur Development Strategy (DDS) implemented jointly with UN Women and UNFPA funded by Qatar Development Fund through United Nations Development Fund.

Dr. Selva expressed his appreciation of the infrastructure projects handover to Qatar “.I would like to appreciate the Government of Qatar” he said” for coming forward to support the DDR process and also the government of Sudan who have honored most of its commitments.”.
Representing UNAMID Dr. Adremi Adekoya praised the state government for progress made in terms of security and for the successful projects that were showcased during the visit while recommending that efforts should be made to implement similar projects in rural areas as well.

The Ambassador of Qatar Mr. Rashid Abdulrahman Al Naimi reiterated the commitment of Doha towards all the development activities in Sudan particularly in Darfur and ensured the efforts of Qatar development Fund will be directed to resolve Darfur issues to achieve peace and stability
In his remarks to the delegation, the Governor of Central Darfur state Mr. Jaafer Abdelhakam highlighted the improved peace and security in the state that he primarily attributed to the ongoing weapons collection exercise, he proposed a new government-donor community mechanism to identify and fund community development projects and he indicated that his government would like to sensitize the population about their rights. “I hope our next meeting will be in Jebel Marra “said the Governor.
The Assistant of President of the Republic, Maj. Gen. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi thanked Qatar; Sudan DDR Commission and UNDP and expressed that “… DDR Programme is of prime importance to security; development; peace and stability. We will provide all support needed for projects and we are committed to playing our national part to develop projects and remove any obstacles “.
The delegation visited an exhibition of socioeconomic reintegration programming for former combatants and livelihood-based community stabilization activities for at-risk youth and vulnerable groups showcasing various income generation activities undertaken by ex-combatants by UNDP implementing partners; NGOs, UNAMID .The visit concluded with the meeting with the state legislative assembly members.

British Ambassador to Khartoum Michael Aaron said the British Embassy to Khartoum is to hold a workshop with the international community for discussing how to develop Darfur and extend humanitarian assistances, announcing his country's welcome of the efforts exerted for realizing peace and stability in Darfur.
He said while participating in the inauguration of community security and stability projects in Central Darfur with the participation of a number of ambassadors and donors that the opportunity is now available for Sudan to get more support following the lifting of economic sanctions for realizing more security and stability.
Aaron expressed delight over the realized community security and stability projects in Zalingei. He noted that Britain will work with the international partners in coordination with the Sudanese government to guarantee Sudan's benefit from the opportunity of lifting sanctions.
Central Darfur Governor Shartai Jaafar Abdulhakam has affirmed that rebellion shrunk in the state which witnessed a voluntary return and the tribal problems have now ended noting that the borders are now more safe thanks to the joint Sudanese-Chadian-Central African forces which are working on curbing smuggling and arms collection.
He demanded the United States of America to lift the rest of the sanctions as the citizens suffered at lot from those sanctions
For his part the Commissioner of Disarmament, Demilitarization and Reintegration  Lt. General Salah Al-Tayeb has highlighted the efforts made for the operation of stability and community security stressing that there are some 850 of former warriors in need for reintegrating them in the community.