Current Date:

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

State Minister Underlines Distinguished Relations Linking Sudan and Saudi Arabia

Khartoum- (Najat Ahmed- Shadia Bashari) The State Minister at the Ministry of Investment, Osama Faisal, affirmed the importance of economic and commercial relations between Sudan and Saudi Arabia, calling for their promotion for benefiting from the potentials of the two countries for the welfare of the two peoples.
In his address to the 3rd meeting of the Saudi-Sudanese Businessmen Council at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel, the state Minister said that the investment climate in Sudan is conducive for investors, thanking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its efforts for the lifting of the economic sanctions from Sudan.
He called on the Saudi investors to take advantage of the various investment opportunities in Sudan through the official channels, noting that the Sudanese leadership gives concern to the Saudi investments and their interests.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Industry, Dr. Abdo Daoud, on his part, has praised the Sudanese businessmen and manufacturers who have survived the twenty years of economic sanctions, pointing out that the Sudanese private sector dominates more than 85% of the size of the Sudanese economy, pledging cooperation with the private sector in drawing up policies and plans for building the industrial state of Sudan.
He said that the Saudi leadership through Saudi investors was the first to invest in Sudan despite the economic sanctions that had been imposed on it, calling on investors to enter strategic investments by taking advantage of the Sudanese potentials and geographical location as a gateway to the African continent.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges, Ibrahim Douj, on his part, indicated that the services sector in Sudan has promising opportunities for all investors, pointing out that the sector contributes to the development of economic activity.
He said that the ministry is working to provide a highly efficient transport system to reach the production and exports areas.
He pointed out that the Sudan Railways Plan for the year 2030 is to expand and link the neighboring countries with the Sudan, saying that the ministry's strategy aims at establishing specialized ports, calling on the investors to invest in services sector especially the transportation, stressing commitment to provide all facilities and incentives to provide a highly efficient transport system.
On his part the Minister of State for Agriculture and Forestry, al- Sadig Fadul, has reviewed the investment advantages in the agricultural field in Sudan.
He stressed that the ministry has followed the approach of agriculture for industry to benefit from the added value of Sudanese crops, pointing out that contractual farming is the result of partnership between farmers in the cultivation of a number of crops, especially cotton.
The Minister of State in the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity, Yousef Hamzah Yousuf Abdullah, reviewed the various opportunities of investment in the field of electric energy, especially the solar energy and windbreaks, encouraging investors to enter into the investments of electric power.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Sudanese Businessmen Union, Saud al-Berier, asserted that the Saudi investments in Sudan have achieved admirable success, calling for the creation of more Sudanese-Saudi investment projects.
During his address to the 3rd meeting of the Sudanese-Saudi Businessmen Council, at Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum, Thursday, held under the auspices of the First Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, al-Berier noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the first state that have implemented the decision of the financial transfers following the lifting of the US economic sanctions, indicating that the decision increases the volume of trade exchange between the two countries.
He said that this is the suitable time for promotion of the economic, commercial and investments relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after the positive developments the economic environment and the external openness the Sudan is witnessing.
The chairman of the Saudi side, Hussein Bahri, noted that the enthusiasm of the Saudi investors asserts seriousness of the Sudan to providing facilitation to the Saudi investments, pointing out that the Sudanese-Saudi Businessmen Council has successfully removed a number of obstacles that hinder investment.
He added that in the coming period a number of Saudi investors would be attracted to invest in all the Sudan's economic sectors especially agriculture, expressing thanks to the Sudanese government for its concern over the Saudi investments and investors.