Current Date:

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Presidential Assistant Opens Conference of Arab Union for Workers in Health

Khartoum -  (Khalda Elyas) Presidential Assistant Maj. Gen. Abdul-Rahman AlSadik Al-Mahdi has affirmed the state’s concern with the workers in health field.
This came when Al-Mahdi addressed the opening session of conference of Arab Union for Workers in Health, convened in Khartoum yesterday.
Al-Mahdi lauded the contributions of trade unionist leaders in boosting unity, peace and development of the nation.
He affirmed that Sudan is exerting great efforts for creating conducive service environment for the workers in the field of health, noting that the meeting is an indicator for enhancing Arab unity.
The meeting was also addressed by Secretary General of International Federation for Workers in Health Ghassan Quson and Chairman of Sudanese Workers Trade Unions Federation Ali Abdul-Karim.