Current Date:

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Sudan Mourns Leading Political Figure Late Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum - Sudan has mourned yesterday dawn, the leading figure, the political and parliamentarian activist late Dr. Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim who passed away at the British

Capital City of London after battling disease for a while.
The Presidency of the Republic eulogized and expressed sadness and condolences over the passing away of  late Fatima saying that Fatima is one of the leading figures of the political , parliamentarian and women action in Sudan at both at the regional and international levels.
The General Union of Sudanese Women has also eulogized late Fatima saying that she is one of the pioneering women and leading figures who founded the Sudanese Women Union and Headed the Sudanese Women Union during the period from 1956 to 1957 and she is the first Sudanese woman to enter the Sudanese parliament through graduates constituencies in the year 1965 and she the first woman in the Middle East level to enter the parliament.
The Union added that Fatima has remained for a long time a member of the central committee of the Sudanese Communist Party and she is one of the Sudanese icons who has left a clear mark in  the Sudanese political life and she was a member in Sudan Women Commission 1962 and member of Commissions Front 1965 and she established the Magazine of Woman Voice .
Fatima was born in the year 1933 and her grandfather was a principal of the first Sudanese School for boys and Imam of  a mosque.
He father was a graduate of Gordon College and her mother was one of the first ladies to have education and her political awareness started early so she joined the Sudanese Communist party and realized many achievements at the press and culture levels.