Current Date:

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Prof Omer Sddresses Conference of African Speakers in Johannesburg

Johannesburg - The Chairman of the National Legislature, Professor Ibrahim Ahmed Omer addressed

the opening sitting of the 9th Annual Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of Africa which laws aunched, Thursday, in capital of the Republic of South Africa, Johannesburg.
The Speaker of National Assembly reviewed in his address Sudan experiments of national dialogue, achievement of peace, formation of national accord government and expansion of participation in legislative body of which has embraced more than 60 parties, movements and political groups.
Prof, Omer appreciated role of African Parliament and its stand alongside Sudan at regional and international levels, especially, he elaborated, its stances the unilateral American sanctions imposed on Sudan and the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The Conference listened during its sittings to interventions of the participants about roles of national and regional parliaments in boosting role of youth.
The Conference continued session till Friday as the final communique was to be presented and approved on the same day.