Current Date:

Thursday, 19 July 2018

S. Kordofan Government Announces End of Rebellion and its Shrinkage in the State

Khartoum- Governor of South Kordofan State Maj. Gen. Eissa Adam Abakar has affirmed end of the rebellion and its shrinkage

in the state thanks to the efforts of the Armed Forces and the other regular forces.
Speaking over a program of Omdurman Radio yesterday, the Governor praised the role played by the citizens of South Kordofan State in realizing peace by availing a conducive atmosphere for that goal.
He pointed out that the visit paid by President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir to South Kordofan State recently to inaugurate the Tourism and Investment Festival of the state has realized a number of benefits  top of which is declaration of the President of realization of peace in the state, resumption of work in the Ring Road Project for its economic importance and the return of Nuba Mountains Agricultural Corporation besides rehabilitation of Kadguli Spinning and Weaving Factory and cotton ginneries.
The Governor of South Kordofan State explained that the Tourism and Investment Festival is meant to reflect the extent of security and stability the state is enjoying in all aspects, referring to the big tourism potentialities of the state.
He noted that the declaration of ceasefire and the dialogue held with arms holders in the state have resulted in the return of big numbers of them to join the march of development and reconstruction the state is witnessing now.
The Governor of South Kordofan State affirmed expansion of agriculture in the state by putting an area of 4 million feddans under various crops during the current season, noting that the state is endowed with vast animal resources amounting to 16 million heads.
Concerning services, the Governor noted that a number of water networks have been established in the localities as part of Zero-Thirsty Project, affirming that a number of health and education projects would be established for boosting stability in the state.