Current Date:

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Gezira Scheme Completes Cultivation of 95 Thousand Acres of Cotton

Khartoum - Governor of Gezira Scheme, Eng. Osman Samsaa assured, during his visit yesterday to Al-Basatina Section, on the conduct of agricultural operations for cotton

and corn crops.
Samsaa announced the completion of the cultivation of 95 thousand acres of genetically modified cotton, revealing the formation of prevention groups distributed in all sections of the scheme in preparation for the immediate control of pests and diseases, calling on farmers to accelerate the completion of areas that have not been planted so far to bridge the gap in rain projects due to the Lack of rain.
For their part, farmers' sectors expressed their readiness to make the cotton harvest successful by implementing the technical packages, stressing the need to expedite the provision of maize fertilizers from the Agricultural Bank.