Current Date:

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

S. Kordofan State Government Welcomes Al-Hilu's Decisions, Affirms Desire of Two Parties to End War

Khartoum - The government of South Kordufan state has announced its welcome to what it deemed

as "a brave decision by the commander of SPLM-N, the movement according to the local government has demonstrated a full commitment to the truce.
The governor of South Kordufan Eissa Adam Abakar said that he was serious and sincere about his call to the SPLM-N leader. "I am hoping for more brave decisions made by Al- Hilu," the governor said, assuring that the government would greet SPLM-N leader's move with stretching white hands in order to achieve peace.
He pointed to his pledge to the President regarding his readiness to give up his post should Al-Hilu decided to return and join the peace process. "Peace comes through wisdom and good word," he said.
Observers say the governor's "smart and wise" call to Al-Hilu has evoked a huge reaction in the region including rebel control areas, adding such a call has reflected the

governor's keen and sincere desire for peace and his appreciations to SPLM-N for honoring ceasefire in the region. They [the observers] hold that the latest moves by the South Kordufan Governor and rebel SPLM-N leader mirror the two leaders' mutual desire to shun war and move towards peace to end the suffering of the inhabitants.   

The Commander in Chief of the faction of Sudan’s People Liberation Army North (SPLA-N) General Abdul-Aziz Adam Al-Hilu declared a six-month unilateral ceasefire in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan regions with the Khartoum government.
In statements, SPLM-N spokesperson Arnu Ngutulu Lodi said on Thursday that the unilateral ceasefire is effective 1st of August till January next year.
Lodi said the declaration is aimed at assuring the Sudanese people that SPLM/A-N is not

for war but for just peace in accordance with the New Sudan’s vision.
He further said they are not yet engaged in negotiations with the Khartoum government, because they are busy sorting internal matters.