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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Minister of Defense : Armed Forces Well Aware of Role Played by National Service

Omdurman: The Minister of Defense General psc Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf said the Sudanese community upheaval can be attained by interaction with the national

He noted in a speech he delivered yesterday at the High Military in Omdurman city  marking the occasion of holding the third forum of national service  localities coordinators that the Armed Forces is well aware of the role played by the national service in completing the shortfall and closing the gaps .
He directed those in charge of national service to benefit from these capacities, abilities and different talents along with  discovering  the genius amidst the conscript.
He announced his ministry's preparedness to sponsor them and affiliate them to model projects stressing that the national service has continued to be a support and backing to the Armed Forces during war and peace asserting Sudan's need to the conscripts of the national service in every inch of its vast area
He called on the state institutions to interact and support all the projects of the national service   demanding these institutions to reflect the efforts of the national service conscripts and thank them for their accomplishment.
For his part The General Coordinator of the National Service Yassir Osman said this forum came for training and qualifying the national service cadres at the localities and exchange of expertise noting that accurate targets have been laid down for achieving them in this forum along with giving attention to the aspect of modernization .
He disclosed targeting the affiliation of some  435520 conscripts of both gender noting that more than two million seedlings were produced of which more than 500 seedlings were planted
In a related development Brigadier psc Ibrahim Yousif , the Manger of National Service Administration has described the forum  as a basic pillar for evaluating performance  adding that more than 12 thousand conscripts have been enrolled for supporting the armed forces .