Current Date:

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Government Opens New Humanitarian Assistance Routes to S. Sudan

Khartoum - The government of Sudan represented by Humanitarian Assistance Commission and the government of South Sudan have yesterday signed a memo of

understanding for extending the period of delivering humanitarian assistances to south Sudan's citizens for a period of one year for delivering 90000 metric tons of humanitarian assistances.
Signed for the government of Sudan was Ahmed Mohamed Adam, the General Commissioner of humanitarian assistance while Mayan Dot, the Ambassador of South Sudan State to Khartoum signed for south Sudan.
The General Commissioner of humanitarian assistance, Ahmed Mohamed Adam said in a press statement yesterday that the memo comes in the framework of the endeavours and efforts of Sudan for supporting humanitarian conditions in South Sudan
He noted that Sudan  government continued to sign cooperation agreements with south Sudan State and the United Nations towards delivering assistances to the war-affected citizens  inside south Sudan
He added that the said agreement continued to be renewed every six months since the year 2014 for transporting the assistances provided by the World Food Program for mitigating food shortage in a number of South Sudan regions
He noted that the agreement has been extended this time for a period of one year instead of six months along with opening three new routes in addition to the old cross-point located in the Blue Nile.