Current Date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Saleh Briefed on the Role of Women Parliamentarians in Enhancing External Communication

Khartoum - First Vice-President of the Republic, National Prime Minister, Bakri Hassan Saleh briefed on the role of the Sudanese Women Parliamentarians Association in

strengthening regional and international contacts, praising the efforts exerted by the association in enhancing cooperation relations between parliaments at the Arab and African levels.
This came in his meeting here yesterday with the head of the Sudanese Women Parliamentarians Association, Wafa Al-Aiaisir, who said, in press statements, that she presented an enlightenment to the FVP on the activities and programs carried out by the association during the last period, noting that the association will organize on the 31st of July the National Day of Sudanese Women Parliamentarians, indicating that the FVP directed to deepen communication with African women parliamentarians to serve the societies of the African continent.