Current Date:

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Intelligence Report: Darfur Mercenaries Pose Threat on Peace in the Region

Khartoum -   (smc) An intelligence report about the security conditions in the region of the Great Lakes has affirmed that the Sudanese negative forces are still operating as mercenary forces for obtaining logistic support for building their capabilities, a matter which can pose a threat on peace in Sudan.
A report by the integrated intelligence center outlined that the negative Sudanese forces continued to operate in Libya as mercenaries, noting that the forces of Mini Minawi started to redeploy itself since last March in Libyan regions like Rabaneya and Um Al Aranib Tubrug and petroleum regions north east of Kufra under the command of Jabir Ishag the second commander of the movement.
The report disclosed that the unity group commanded by Ahmed Abu Tinga and Mousa Kongoro,  in addition to the forces of Abdulwahid led by Abas Jebel Mon  were redeployed in the petroleum regions, north east of Al Kufra, while the wing of Ali Karbino and some elements of Justice and Equality led by Al Tahir Arja were redeployed in Tubrug city.
The report noted that the negative Sudanese forces have enhanced its alliance with some domestic tribes in the oil rich regions in Libya, along with their involvement in illegal activities there.