Current Date:

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Jabir: The Government of National Accord is Product of Great National Action

Khartoum - State Minister of Environment, Abboud Jabir said that the national accord government announced recently was the result of a great national action, which has caused a clear change in the administration of the country to proceed in a way agreed upon by the Sudanese people.
Jabir said that the government is capable to implement the outcomes of the national dialogue, calling for strengthening efforts to implement the outcomes of the dialogue, which dealt with important files regarding foreign relations, especially Arab and Western ones, pointing out that the national dialogue put the touches related to citizen in terms of security, safety and stability.
The minister stressed the importance of the environment, as it concerns citizen's life and enables him to carry out his humanitarian, social, official, regional and international duties, expressing his readiness to cooperate with the federal minister and the administrative staff working in the ministry to promote the environmental work in the country, pointing to the importance of developing links with the relevant ministries to achieve great achievements.