Current Date:

Friday, 23 March 2018

JICA Signs New Safe and Clean Water for Kosti City

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Ministry of International Cooperation have signed the Grant Agreement for the “Project for Improvement of Water Treatment Plant in Kosti City”, on Tuesday, October 11th 2016.  Through this project is a new water treatment plant in Kosti city, White Nile State, will be constructed by 2019. This project falls under JICA’s scheme of Basic Human Needs, which is one of the priority areas in Sudan.
The population of Kosti city is increasing rapidly and approximately 60% of the population is suffering from unstable and unclean water services due to the insufficient capacity of the existing water treatment facility, which was established in 1942.  The new water treatment plant in Kosti City, with a budget of up to 3.2 billion Japanese Yen, is expected to serve a population of 380,000 as expected to reach by 2024 according to 2008 census.
Currently, the White Nile State Water Corporation (WNSWC) is establishing new water pipelines of more than 600km in length, to be connected to the new treatment plant in 2019. Both projects are expected to be completed around the same time and by 2019, and to improve the living conditions of Kosti residents by supplying safe and clean treated water and contribute to meeting the Basic Human Needs.  Clean water will be distributed very soon.